5 Effective Tips to Control Your Project Budget

Managing project budget and keeping it within the specified limits is the ultimate goal that any project manager would always want to achieve for sure. The challenge of keeping the project budget at a manageable level can be met effectively with the help of some helpful tips. Read More >>

Tracking expenses could be really important for you, if you bill your clients on the basis of the total expenses incurred in order to complete a project. From a consulting company to an individual consultant, online expense tracking often becomes a necessary requirement to calculate the total project cost and raise an invoice to receive payment from clients.
So, you need to track expenses efficiently without committing any error. However, calculating all expenses manually may prove a cumbersome and tiresome task. And at the same time, you may fail to include all labor costs and that may result in losses. Manual expense tracking could be a time-consuming and error-prone process and you can hardly rely on it when you don’t want to delay the billing and payment process. Read More >>

It happens quite often that many small scale enterprises simply focus on generating only direct revenue even to the extent of neglecting the proactive management of the business expenses. They fail to realize that eventually, only the gross profits are significant which are calculated after deducting the expenses from the revenue generated. Now, if the small businesses focus themselves on managing their expenses well, they can easily increase their sum of profits. Expense management is an extremely important strategy and must be worked upon with complete dedication.


How important is Finance for a Business

“It takes a pledge to churn out money”


Finance for a business can’t be underestimated. Call it the lifeline instead, that is needed for the well being of a business, irrespective of the size. Businesses have to consider finances for ample reasons; one of them being the fight for survival in bad times or bolstering ahead to invest during growth period.
Since, finance is the most important aspect of a business, business owners or freelancers must create a financial plan or strategy to stay in control of their finances.


Given below are a few tips to draft an apt financial strategy:


How to Make Your Small Business Grow Big?

It’s a challenge to establish a start-up or a small business. Young entrepreneurs often miss out or flunk in some crucial aspects in the initial stages, which is obviously understandable. Starting your own business is always like a tempting delicacy that is not that sweet.


Invoicera unfolds some exciting features!

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Small Business Expense Analysis

It could be such a pain in the back to analyze and strategize the business expenses, irrespective of its size. While it’s really necessary to analyze, it’s hard to find someone who is born with a dollar. It’s even tough for a business owner to step-up on the boat and volunteer everything solely.


How do you Track Time?

Businesses are going out of the way today to churn out fruits at the earliest. And Invoicera is offering them some brilliant options to keep-up with their daily tasks. Time and expense tracking feature is one of those features that enhance the user’s experience of working with Invoicera.


Keeping a track of piles of receipts and invoices consumes a lot of your productive time which could be utilized better elsewhere. And you aren’t the commerce graduate who loves to or is used to a lot of numbers and calculations? It is imperative as it is important for your business, to keep a track of all your expenses incurred and maintaining records of all the receipts. Well, you do not have to be worried for anymore. All you need is an expense tracking software and you are sorted.


Expense tracking is essential to ensure that the business is marching ahead on the road to success. A profitable organization is not one, which can sell more, but the one which is also able to keep a check over its expenses. Thus, expense tracking can be accredited for keeping an organization profitable and yielding.