1) Am I Truly Passionate About This Idea?


If you want to be successful, your business idea must be your own. It can’t be a great idea that someone else told you that you should do. Read More >>

Every entrepreneurial venture starts with a good idea, evolves to a bunch of amazing ideas, and with any luck, ends up as a successful business.

But how do you move from that first idea to your final success?

Here are 10 steps to move your dreams into reality:

1. Define the Difference

You need to be clear about how your product is unlike other competitors.Suppose your dream involves a new type of social media that lets you create online collections of visuals that people can share. Are you talking about Pinterest? Slideshare? Instagram? You need to set yourself apart. If your idea is not clearly defined, people may have a “been there, done that” view of it.


People around you are mostly full of ideas. Some of them even like to blurt some whenever there is a chance. Pretty often, a friend of mine comes up with new viable business ideas, but seldom does the course looks good to drag it to the market. Well, not exactly drag it, should have said ‘bring it’.


Well, apparently I walked him to his testing room where he gave me some samples of a dessert he had prepared. It was good, had potential, only if the packaging and marketing of the same wasn’t too challenging. Soon he trashed the idea and that’s where he failed.


Well, that’s the story. That is how many innovators goof up. People give up soon thinking it might not work, or might require a great deal of effort to get it up and working. It is disappointing to have the sudden idea rush, only to drop it into the bin. Usually, there are some essentials for invention and product development. Here are those:



Creating a business name is exciting, especially if it is your first business. Your business name represents you and your business and can potentially help you exceed and reach success.

However, choosing a business name is challenging and one of the most important things when getting started. Consider some of the following tips to stay clear of problems and create a business name worth reading, promoting, and talking about!


How to Make Your Small Business Grow Big?

It’s a challenge to establish a start-up or a small business. Young entrepreneurs often miss out or flunk in some crucial aspects in the initial stages, which is obviously understandable. Starting your own business is always like a tempting delicacy that is not that sweet.


There is a huge lot, striving hard to step-on to the business battlefield or atleast start-up from somewhere. A lot of new entrepreneurs usually have a clear vision


Small Business Expense Analysis

It could be such a pain in the back to analyze and strategize the business expenses, irrespective of its size. While it’s really necessary to analyze, it’s hard to find someone who is born with a dollar. It’s even tough for a business owner to step-up on the boat and volunteer everything solely.


‘Hit a home run’ – Taste Success

While the world talks about equality, there are many that believe in two of their kinds. Most successful folks out there do a lot different than that of the unsuccessful lot. The difference lies in the ‘Attitude’!


Increasing Business Productivity

Acquiring the most with minimal resources is not that difficult. You could achieve more without pushing-in your resources, even in constrained market scenarios. Since, the motto is to increase productivity, effective measures should be implemented by the staff.

Creating A Unique Brand Identity

Having an extraordinary product is futile if you can not use it to your benefit. Your product or service must echo your goals, it must reiterate your core values and believes. In crux, positioning and creating a unique brand identity is equally if not more important like having a great/good product.