Invoicera unfolds some exciting features!

We know how much you love Invoicera as it has continously been helping you ease-up your business via online billing/inoicing. Looking at your ever-encouraging support, we have planned to add-up the overall functionality of the online biling application. You must be keen to know what could be more…


Myths about Online Invoicing

We welcome almost every innovation and new technology with open hands. But, there was a seemingly different welcome to online invoicing tools.


How do you Track Time?

Businesses are going out of the way today to churn out fruits at the earliest. And Invoicera is offering them some brilliant options to keep-up with their daily tasks. Time and expense tracking feature is one of those features that enhance the user’s experience of working with Invoicera.


La facturación no debe tener límites! Yes, we all agree billing should indeed have no barriers and no boundaries.  And therefore, we decided to give our users a pleasant surprise by providing the most puffed up feature till date.  Although we were amongst the few online invoicing applications to launch multi-currency invoicing relatively early to purge geographical barrier, we are once again ready to roll out another feature that would completely eliminate any limitation associated with International invoicing. Read More >>

Traditional invoice processes are inefficient, error-prone and slow. A company that sticks to manual processing of paper invoices or scanned images is wasting money on administration costs and unidentified invoice errors. Even worse, manual processes make it difficult to pay suppliers on time, depriving them of vital cash flow, possibly risking their very survival.

The companies that aspire and strive to have their processes streamlined, use online invoicing software to handle ten times as many invoices per person as their competitors. Online invoicing is not a question of turning paper into scanned images – it’s about automatically matching fully electronic invoices with supporting records.

Online invoicing also addresses the issues of reduce waste, delays and errors. This ensures timely payments, smooth transactions and better relations with the clients. This is why companies have now switched to straight through processing and use supplier self-service functionality to mitigate client inquiries and discrepancy resolution. Online invoicing efficiently drains out these issues and ensues clutter free invoicing.

There has never been a better time to implement online invoicing. Learn how you can reduce costs, improve efficiency and accuracy, and achieve desirable ROI in relatively quick span of time.

Small and medium sized businesses have always been troubled by late payers, debtors and defaulters. Considering that this particular sub-set of clients continue to make life difficult for entrepreneurs, here are  some tips to keep the cash flowing.

Though there should be more stringent laws in dealing with such clients, this does not mean that small businesses are powerless in the face of the organizations they sell to.

Businesses are most likely to receive late payments from new customers; making them more vulnerable to new clients. Small businesses must be ready to negotiate terms when they receive an order, particularly from new customers.

Following are some tips:

  • Send an estimate/quotation before sending the final invoice.
  • Understanding and identifying the payment terms – where invoices should be sent, what references or order numbers should be quoted, and whether the customer only accepts online invoices.
  • Have effective internal procedures in place: what level of credit checking is required and how frequently credit limits are reviewed.
  • If there is a difference between your payment terms and theirs, don’t ignore the issue, negotiate.
  • Make sure sales invoices meet the customer’s requirements, send invoices as soon as possible to the correct address and department, ensuring they comply with requirements for VAT invoices, and follow progress.
  • Make notes of telephone calls regarding customer payments, including dates and times of conversations, to whom you spoke and the outcome, and take action quickly.
  • Establish a policy on how long an invoice is allowed to be outstanding before resorting to debt collection and when supply of goods or services should be stopped.
  • Regularly review the debtors’ ledger for customers behind with payment. Get sales staff to visit these customers to seek information and set targets for credit collection.
  • Employ professional credit staff.
  • Carefully consider potential orders with longer payment terms. Consider the implications for profitability, cash flow, financing and bad debts.
  • Consider factoring or invoice discounting to help manage cash flow.
  • Use business invoices as an instrument to retain customers by way of mentioning discounts, offers and other schemes at the footer.

Using Online invoicing for the above purposes can be the best remedy. It offers clutter free invoicing and allows businesses to keep track of the payments effortlessly. It takes out the time required to maintain paper files from the equation.

Invoicera Continues to Raise the Bar

Earlier this year when Invoicera was first launched, we all were skeptical about it being a successful venture. Amid all the stiff competition that existed in the sphere of online invoicing and billing, we knew it would be difficult to make a mark. The proposition was probable but not impossible. Though the road ahead was going to be tough, the journey still needed to be kick-started. We took the first step by launching the beta version of ‘Invoicera 7.0’. A Sedate response is all we had expected. But we were proved wrong and ironically our web application had received an overwhelming response.

Even more encouraging was all our users pouring in their feedback and suggestions. This was the pillar of strength as it laid the firm foundation for our online invoicing application to flourish. The platform was set and we were heading towards the right roadmap. Since Invoicera’s inception in January, we can now boast of some achievements to our credential. There is no looking back and we have decided to take the long road ahead.

That’s right folks, the new Invoicera will be made available from next month for all to see, use, break(!) and enjoy. This will be available with a completely new design, color scheme, interface and more importantly features. You can be rest assured of an application that would look rich, elegant, simple and powerful. The new release will be incredibly robust, scalable and reliable of not just taking our application to the next level but online billing as a whole.

But I want to still shout out and say thanks for all your support.

So did you think invoices can only be used to collect receivables? Well think again! Still can’t figure out? Ok, here is the disclosure – You can use your business invoice as an effective promotional instrument with your clients.

By using invoices as a promotional tool you can open new avenues for your business and also fasten the receivables cycle. Prompt payments are a definite advantage but you can also harness the potential clients for your business.


By following few simple suggestions which are mentioned below, you can use invoicing as a powerful and effective promotional tool.

  • Add a note/footer on the invoice stating, “15% off on your next deal/purchase with us” and support it with a call to action by mentioning, “The offer expires after 10 days,” etc.
  • To add a coupon is a very good idea. This coupon can be made available in two ways. First, by adding at the bottom of an invoice in a manner that it can be tore. Second, as a separate coupon. The advantage of a separate coupon is that it can easily be circulated and existing clients can give it to someone who can become your potential customer.
  • You can also improve client loyalty by advertising your client’s exclusive product/service specials on the coupon.
  • Don’t forget to use the power of referrals. Use your client referrals with a “refer-a-friend” promo and reward one or both of them with a discount. It is said that the cost of attracting a new customer is six times more than retaining the old customers. With referrals you save cost as well as obtain new customers.

Grab the marketing opportunity with your invoicing and see the results coming your way. After all this is what marketing is all about- finding new avenues of business. Promotion through invoicing is certainly one of them and it costs you nothing, well almost!

…I am sure that many of us do. This is a problem most of us are conversant with but have been ineffective in finding a right solution. Every entrepreneur, businessman, freelancer, consultant, etc. goes through this quite frequently and perhaps daily. Ramifications of this are not worth mentioning as it takes a heavy toll on the business. We only wish not to deal with such undesirable clients in the future.


But not anymore…Invoicera 7.0 comes with an integrated feature of Auto bill. Wondering what is this all about! Well this is just what the doctor ordered. Auto bill is a feature incorporated to quicken the payment receivable cycle. While sending an invoice to any of your client (for recurring billing and invoicing ), all you need to do is select the option of ‘Auto Bill’. This will ensure that as soon as the client receives the invoice it gets paid instantly. And of course you have multiple payment gateway option to choose from. The credit card details of the client are extracted from the database and the payment is made against these details immediately. This information is absolutely safe as all the details are stored in the encrypted format.

There was a strong need to include such a powerful feature that makes online invoicing and billing essential in it’s true sense. Though online invoicing has taken over the traditional billing, the basic purpose of invoicing gets defeated when payments are not received on time. This prompted us to include auto bill in our application to enhance the usability and increase overall efficiency.

Invoicera 7.0 – The Ultimate Invoicing Solution

The long awaited wait is now over. Invoicera 7.0 – an invoicing software is ready to foray into the business world. In the past Invoicera has provided solutions to all invoicing/billing related inconvenience to small businesses. Now, Invoicera 7.0 is all set to pick up from where the earlier version, Invoicera left. With enhanced features, user friendly navigation, easy to set up and much easy usability and interface, Invoicera 7.0 is set to become one stop shop for all your billing queries.

With ever increasing competition there has been an obvious intent to streamline internal processes and procedures. With Invoicera 7.0 you can look forward to eliminate manual billing process. It is a simple yet powerful solution to your recurring as well as non-recurring invoices. It has the potential to give a professional look to the invoicing and billing structure.

It is indeed our pleasure to announce the release of Invoicera 7.0 and the countdown has already begun. The enhanced version of Invoicera enables businesses to concentrate on developmental services rather than accounting procedures. So, let Invoicera 7.0 handle all invoicing issues and pay the way for paperless transactions.

Though all efforts have been directed to make it a powerful tool, we believe innovations and improvements never stop – this is just a beginning. Therefore, we would like you to drop in your feedback and suggestions so that we can ensure constant up gradation in the upcoming versions.