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Online Invoicing software with Workflow Management For Small Businesses

Managing the invoicing workflow and getting timely payments for the goods and services sold, can be a complex process for a small business. Manage the small business cash flow using an online invoicing software. There are numerous activities to be carried out, to make the process fruitful and efficient.

Ways to reduce tax for Small Business in 2017

For most of the small business owners tax time turns out to be the most stressful times. The small business tax tips are helpful in improving the profitability of the company. Taxes can be optimized with very simple tips and tricks, but the planning has to be done in advance. The year 2017 lowers the […]

Top 10 Challenges faced in Buyer Supplier Relationship Management

Buyer-Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) is the most neglected term in today’s business.  Delivering a high-quality product and having a reliable customer base is crucial to gain a competitive edge in business. The number of errors in the system may result in undesirable outcomes. The source of error could-be-anything.  Understand and rectify to a problem to […]

Cloud Billing for SaaS Businesses

The cloud billing solutions supports flexible and user friendly billing experiences, while reducing the need for manual changes. A SaaS business model is quite popular with startups of today.  SaaS (software as a service) is different from other business models in the following ways. In a cloud billing solutions for SaaS-based business model, the core […]

expense management
Top 7 Expense Management Best Practices

Today, many organizations put a great emphasis on expense management best practices to keep a track of all expenses and keep them to a manageable extent. A precise and timely reporting of all expenses is important for seamless expense management process.

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Difference between Purchase Discount and Sales Discount

What is a sales discount? It is more likely that people will walk into a store if they knew that there was a discount on the products the store sold. A store that sells branded clothing is usually pretty empty until they put up a sign saying that they are offering up to 50% off […]

What is Cash Flow Statement?

Cash flow Statement (CFS) functions as the prominent role in financial and business environment. It provides an important and useful information about the performance of a company and business operations. The cash flow statement provides the income statements including Revenue, Expenses and Capital Intensive options. Also, it provides information about account receivable, which can indicate […]

Types of organizational structures
Ideal Organizational Structures for SME’s

There are various types of organizational structures that a business can follow. These are dependent on the size and nature of the business. Every business must choose an organizational structure suited to their business. This helps in smoothening out the flow of communication and improve the productivity of business processes. Structure Based On Functional Processes […]

time billing
Time Billing vs Project Billing for Consultants

There is always a dilemma for consultants to bill for time or project. Sometimes it becomes extremely difficult for a consultant to bill for the hours worked on a project. As a consultant, one may be really quick at completing the project. This may fetch him lesser money because the hours billed for would be […]

customized billing software
Why Switch To A Customized Billing Software?

A customized billing software is advantageous for both, business as well as customers. It enhances the productivity of the billing process many times over, reducing unnecessary processes and man hours. Customizing helps in significant reduction in invoice exceptions and invoice disputes, improving the overall efficiency of the system.