The Importance of Work-flow Automation

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  • Oct 16, 2014
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The process of Work-flow Automation can significantly expedite the task of creating, handling and also ensuring approval of invoices. In the true sense, it is a technology solution that automates the tasks to form the process that can be completed in a more automated environment, eliminating or reducing manual efforts. In the process, many small or big tasks are linked together to achieve the desired results of Work-flow Automation.

Automation not only saves time, but also reduces hassles, to make it a more efficient as well as a cost-effective process for the accounts payable department of an organization. Moreover, the professionals working in the AP department will be able to accomplish their tasks with a greater degree of efficiency and in an error-free manner.

Some of the inevitable benefits of the Work-flow Automation process are:

It reduces the time of the invoicing process
It helps manage and review invoices coming from different parties
It can help complete the invoicing in time to be eligible for discounts or incentives
It makes the process efficient and error-free

There are many organizations that have benefited from the process of Work-flow Automation. Besides enjoying several types of tangible benefits, an organization can be recognized for its professionalism and better work practices. Automation makes the invoicing task simple and straightforward and eliminates the chances of error that AP professionals often commit while working manually. It also adds visibility to the complete invoicing process and removes the bottlenecks to reduce both time and cost.

An automated work-flow solution can make the AP department a game changer by incorporating analytics and revealing key insights about payment and fund management of an organization. Importantly, such an automated solution can help derive business intelligence to help devise a strategy for organizational success. It also helps achieve the desired accuracy and speed to accomplish the task of invoicing and also its approval.

Automation can also make the approval process straightforward and speedier. The automated solution could be synced with the ERP system of an organization and it can make the approval process extremely fast. It improves the coordination among different professionals working in the AP department, and helps complete the tasks with a greater accuracy and with more confidence. Moreover, the automation helps professionals and managers quickly identify the bottlenecks and constraints to remove them to make the process smooth and error-free. It also allows to track and control the invoice approval task.

Thus, Work-flow Automation helps accomplish the right task in a timely manner, with an improved coordination among the team members. Not only does it make the tasks time-saving but also makes the process cost effective. Moreover, it helps identify the problem areas that team members or managers may fail to notice through a manual process. Since it adds technology to the work process, the tasks become less cumbersome and less time-consuming for the AP department of an organization. It means the inflow or outflow of payables become more manageable and simple for the entire organization.


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