New Invoice and Estimate Templates Added

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We pride ourselves in always having our customers best interests in mind at all times and are constantly on the lookout for feedback, suggestions and ideas on what we can do to improve our service. So far our users were using plain default format for creating invoices and estimates, to enable them to change the template of Invoice and Estimate, we have now added 5 custom templates in our library.

This will allow Invoicera users to choose from 5 different templates while creating Invoices and Estimates. This is just an introductory step; we would be adding many more new templates in our library within coming days so that our most choosy users could find a right template for themselves.

We are also working on invoice template customization feature that will enable you to customize your invoice template as per your requirements and it will allow you to have a complete control over how your invoices look. We hope to integrate this feature in coming few days.

Happy Invoicing!!

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    I will try yout free version, can you tell me if you have multi-language? Or its avaliable only in English?Thanks.

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    Thank for great information.