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Getting Started

Can I export my data to excel sheet? Can I take backup my own data? Does Invoicera charge for transactions paid online? What are the support options provided by Invoicera? Is there any option to import data into my Invoicera account?


In case, if I have received advance payment from any of my client, then can I add credit into his account? Is there any way to import number of clients into my account from an excel/spreadsheet? Is there any option to add shipping address of a client? Can I add additional contact details of a client? Can I set my own exchange rate for a client?

My Account

Will the data I entered during my trial remain in my account when I upgrade?

Estimate & Expense

How can I attach any file with an Estimate/Invoice? Is there any option to convert an Estimate into an Invoice?

Time Tracking

Can I restore any of my deleted projects? How do I mark a task as complete on a project? Is there any option available to assign a task to a project? Is Invoicera time tracking data compatible with spreadsheet software like Excel, Google Spreadsheets or OpenOffice? What are the different billing methods available for a project?


How to add an Item to an Invoice? Can I restore any deleted product? Can I import a list of products into my account? Can I apply taxes to my products?


What I need to do for adding additional staff members to my account? Can I view invoices/estimate created by any particular staff member? How to remove allocated clients from staff members? How can I view/edit the details of my staff members

Online Payment

Does Invoicera support any country specific payment gateway? How to enable online payment gateways in Invoicera? Do online payments work with multiple currencies? What I need to do when an online transaction fails? What payment gateways does Invoicera integrate with?


Can I ‘completely’ customize my template?


Why are my Invoices being marked as Spam? How do I add my signature and company logo to my invoice?