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Magento E-commerce extension

Magento is one of the most admired and most likely the best open source e-commerce platform available today. This web store platform features rich cart functionality, strong backend processing and generally very good customer buying experience. With Magento, you can control every aspect of your Web Store, including merchandising, promotions and more! This enables Magento to become a centralized reference point for order details and customer queries.

The Invoicera magento extension allows users to automatically create invoices within Invoicera when an order is placed in their store. Now, you can automatically process your orders, manage your catalog and inventory, record transactions, and reconcile accounts all with Magento extension for invoicing.

How can Magento Extension help you?
  • Automatically import new orders into Invoicera from Magento.
  • Send Professional Invoices automatically to Magento Store Customers in real time.
  • Save your orders as Invoices in Invoicera.
  • Cut the amount of time spent on tracking and entering data from hours to seconds.
  • Eliminate inventory and accounting errors and unnecessary waste.
  • Maximize your Return on Investment (ROI) and see results immediately.
Setting up the Magento Integration

To set up the integration, you need to have accounts in both magento and Invoicera and also need to enable the API Token in Invoicera. The steps below describe how to set up "Invoicera Order and Invoice Connector" in Magento.

invoicera magento_img
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