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Accept payment through PAYGATE

Making online payments through PayGate is another better option for you as it provides all kinds of e-commerce internet credit card processing services to its customers. Your account with Invoicera will enable you to create an account with this service provider so that you can focus on other important aspects instead of paying attention towards your payments only.

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It accepts multiple payment methods through a single payment gateway and provides a cost effective method to accept bank transfer payments from overseas. It also lets you access its single-interface payment solutions. It is now integrated for processing credit cards to more than 70 banks worldwide for merchants who qualify for merchant facility with their respective banks. The invoice software with paygate extension avails all the necessary elements for perfect online transactions.

How to Start:

You'll need to sign up for a paygate account by clicking on the Get Started button. If you already have a paygate account, and are ready to connect it to your Invoicera account, take the following steps:

  • Step-1 Login to your Invoicera account.
  • Step-2 Click on the "settings" option.
  • Step-3 Go to the "payment gateways" option and
  • Step-4 Select your PayGate option in that.
  • Step-5 Once you find this, it will ask you with a PayGateID and an Encryption Key which you have to fill in.
  • Step-6 Once you fill it, click on the "save" button and you are done with your account with PayGate.
Your Account is then sent for verification to make your user experience 100% secure.
Payment for invoices through PAYGATE