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  • Requirements

    One of the leading groups in the Textile industry from India with more than half a century of experience, wanted to automate their invoicing process for seamless integration between suppliers and vendors. Additionally the client had requirements like credit invoice creation and cash invoice creation etc.

Automated Invoice Processing - Image - 1
Automated Invoice Processing - Image - 2
  • Challenges

    The client wanted to automate the process of invoicing. They had their own suppliers and vendors that supply and sell their products for them. Credit is a must in the textile business. So, the client needed both type of invoices i.e. cash invoices and credit invoices. For implementing the cash and credit invoices, we required to customize our own product based on client needs. After customizing, we created two types of invoices for cash and credit with options for clients to control prefix and start the number on invoices.

  • Solution

    lnvoicera's hosted solution plan was provided to them with additional features like:

    • Create cash invoice
    • Create credit invoice
    • Option to add prefix number of series in each invoice
    • Option to print multiple invoices at the same time has also been implemented
Automated Invoice Processing - Image - 3
Automated Invoice Processing - Image - 4
  • Result

    The customized invoicing solution for the client currently processes 70,000+ transactions and 10,000+ invoices a year.

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