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Accounts Payable(AP) Process Improvement Ideas

  Accounts payable process refers to a set of practices, procedures, and policies set by a company in order to manage its trade credit purchases. The account payable of the company can be found in its short-term liabilities section of the balance sheet. It mostly consists of Accounts Payable of the short-term financing, raw material […]

How to Gain Efficiencies from AP Automation

Are you used to manually searching for purchase orders and goods receipt? You aren’t unknown to the fact that this job can get really tedious and bring down your productivity levels. Accounts Payable automation is the answer to all your woes. This would allow you to expedite invoice review, coding and the final approval that […]

30 Ways to Cut Accounts Payable Costs

Cost-cutting is an important measure for many businesses to stay profitable in the recessionary economic period. This is the reason why organizations are always open to ideas that can enable them to operate their business functions in an efficient and inexpensive manner. In the endeavor to keep the business costs at a manageable level, the […]