It is always such a beautiful idea to get paid for the work you have invested in your time and efforts so much. However, a bad invoicing system could actually hamper the success of your business! Upgrading to a high quality invoicing software can put your system on track.  

If you have been struggling with invoicing and billing, getting paid in time or any other aspect that is becoming an obstacle in your smooth business activities, then upgrading to a better online invoicing software is a good idea.

Here are 10 reasons why online invoicing in business is a good idea.

Get paid faster

The main benefit of a great invoicing software is that you get paid quickly. With more than 30 online payment gateways integrated with Invoicera you can easily get payment from any corner of the world in real time. It just makes the entire process quicker and easier. It even helps you in tracking and keeping a record of all your receivables and payables at one single place and can be accessed from anywhere.

Late and forgotten payments can cause a major problem in any business’s cash flow system. Your pending bills and expenditure are also dependant on the cash that you will be receiving. Therefore, it is important for you to have a healthy cash flow in the business.

Save time


Creating invoices is always a complicated tasks for businesses. Invoicing on paper requires lot of efforts and time. You might not have enough time always to do exact calculations and create invoices. It is then that an online invoicing system can come to your rescue.

Entering and sending an invoice should take no more than a few minutes. If you spend more than an hour or so preparing invoices, you are doing it the wrong way! Once you sit down to create an invoice, you already know who is receiving it, what service or products were delivered, and what your charges based on your deal. If you can’t choose a customer from a drop-down list or by its name, pull products up in a few clicks, and shoot off a digitally created invoice immediately after, it is time to upgrade.

setting up an invoicing system initially might be a lot of work, but the long-term benefits are huge. Your time is very valuable, therefore you should spend as little time as possible on administrative tasks like invoicing. Once you do the hard work, invoicing should be the easy part!

Predictable cash flow

You know it is the time to smooth out your cash flow when slowly and steadily each of your work starts getting hampered. Your bills getting delayed and overdue mails in your inbox are a sign that you need to bring back your cash flow on track.

Instead of sending a paper invoice and hoping you get paid on time, a good invoice system makes it easy to track payments digitally. When payments are not received your online invoice software sends follow-up emails and messages to your clients.

Easier on clients

How easy is your billing format for your clients? Do they need to write a cheque and send it to you physically? If so, then the time has come to make it easier on them.

A good online invoicing system integrates you with a lot of payment options. These including direct deposit/ACH and credit cards at the very least. Online invoicing software such as invoicera are integrated with more than 30 online payment gateways, giving your clients all the ease they require in making payments.

Improved security

Did you know that a large amount of identity theft in the US is a result of mail theft? You can eliminate paper checks in the mail and instantly improve the security of your business. This is beneficial for both your client and the payment itself.

Earlier internet used to be a scary place to enter payment information, those days are gone. Always check if the site address starts with https, it ensures that the site is using SSL, an internet security protocol that encrypts your connection to the website. Using an online invoice program that utilizes SSL and the established banking and card payment systems, everyone’s data, money, and information is more secure.

Less frustration

It can be really frustrating sometimes to check and match invoices and balance sheets all manually. Human errors can create a lot of issues and lead to major crisis if left unseen. Online invoicing softwares such as Invoicera can reduce such possibilities to minimum leading to a healthy business atmosphere.

Invoicera, a leading online invoicing system can guide and assist you in creating invoices as well as managing them efficiently. This reduces the extra work burden and efforts that the complex task of invoicing requires.

Easy subscription and progressive billing

When the products or services are provided by the business on recurring basis, the old paper invoicing systems require you to create an invoice every month. While digital invoicing happens automatically. Just setup the first invoice and make it recurring on a schedule.

The intelligence in online invoicing programs allow you to quickly create an invoice with just a few clicks. You can even create account statements for each customer showing what they’ve paid and what they owe. That makes it easy to get customers update on payments.

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Making invoicing great again!

Online invoicing technology has seen a tremendous amount of growth from the day of its birth. It has become simpler, easy to use, highly secured and frustration free. Businesses these days are opting for online invoicing softwares for a hassle free client dealings. Management and billing the two core main business activities have become easy with online invoicing softwares.  

Effective task management

Online invoicing softwares such as Invoicera are built with features like task time trackers and staff management. By, this they not only manage the most tedious task of invoicing but also your day to day activities to help you manage your time well and be more productive in the day. Other in-built features include finance forecasting, expense management and you can also create a custom workflow sheet to ease out daily activities.

Healthy client relationships


In the world of growing competition, it is important to maintain a healthy relationship with clients to get business in long term. A good rapport not only helps building existing relationships but also creating new ones. A transparent cash flow with client is the best way in creating healthy relationships. Send invoices in time and make sure you avoid any miscommunication with clients for the payments and overdue. Invoicera helps you in keeping a track and managing payment flow with clients.

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A good online invoicing software such as Invoicera has become a part of more than 3 million businesses because of the kind of features and guidance it is providing the businesses. Apart from the above mentioned benefits there plenty of other benefit that businesses seek from online invoicing systems on daily basis. Effective client management and quick growth because of transparency is one major role that it plays.




Veronika Tondon is a business enthusiast with extensive experience in Invoicing & Payment Process. She has 6+ years of experience in Invoicera, the leading cloud-based invoicing solution as Invoicing Consultant. Sound knowledge in business process execution, offers end to end solutions for complete automation of business processes and AR/AP processes. Contact Veronica for your invoicing requirement.

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