The Most Powerful Invoice Software For Travel Agencies

Each one dreams of travelling the world today, travelling the roads less travelled. This has put travel agents in a really interesting position. Some travel industry experts believe that soon the travel agencies are set to experience a massive boom with increase in interests of millennials for travelling and rise in online driven marketing. The question lies here with the advancement in the challenges that travel industry might face and how they are going to cope up with it. Some challenges related to business processes are particularly relevant with the sector.
Here is a list of all the challenges a travel agency might face in their day to day course of activities:

Reminding clients for payments

Getting paid up in time for the services you have offered your clients is one of the major tasks. Being one of the major service industry in the world, you face higher chances of unwanted defaulters and delays. This impacts your cash flow or to worse even forces you to shut down. Funds are the oxygen that any business runs on and any insufficiency leads to its cocking and at last Death.

Analysing business finances and ensuring timely payments

While your business runs on cash and every penny you have invested counts, analysing finances becomes important. Every aspect of finance management like debits, credits are equally important to make sure the balance sheet matches in all cases.

Managing and billing for expenses


The two major types of expenses a business incurs are the billable and non billable expenses. Billable expenses are the one that you straight away bill your clients for. These include the direct services you have offered, such as, the packages you have offered to client for their travels. But the non billable expenses are the time you have invested to guide them choosing the best place to visit or the hotel they must stay in. It is your time that you have invested. In a business each hour counts, it gives you the opportunity to reach nearer to your goals.

Provide the clients with the requisite information about their invoices


Providing your clients with a detailed invoice is important it helps you avoid all the possibilities of future conflicts. An invoice is your power to payment. It must include all the details about how and what you are charging for.


Automated billing and estimates for travel clients


Providing the exact amount of expenditure verbally is a difficult process. You are a human, and you might make errors too. It is better to have an estimate created and sent to the client for the entire travel plan they have asked for. By providing them with an estimate, you are also getting a chance to pitch them for variables and increasing your business.

Customizing the invoice template according to the business requirements


What is the need, if its not unique? While you all the time claim about how unique your company is from all the other competitors in the market, your documents can actually work as the living proofs of it. It is the first impression that matters and your communication via documents need to be strong and unique to your brand.

By now, you are completely aware of all the challenges that your business might face in its business processes. And here are now the tips to avoid them:


Billing software for travel agencies:


A travel agency invoice software works 360* to make lives easier for travel agencies. A fully equipped online invoice software is meant to handle all your regular day to day tasks of invoicing and billing. It keeps a clear track of all the recurring and auto billing. The bills that need to be generated on regular basis can be set on recurring billing and sent every time with one click.

Receive Payments online


Your business is catering to clients globally. Restricting to one payment method or currency is hampering your growth even more than you realise. Break the barriers with online payment methods and receive payments in any currency with Invoicera. With more than 30 online payment gateways integrated, it gives you freedom to actively work worldwide.

Break The Language Barrier!


Let us together appreciate every language of the world. Invoicera supports multi language features for invoicing making it easy for you to deal with your global clientele. This travel agency invoice software allows you to send invoices in any language that your clients desire and make the entire invoicing process smooth.

Customize and Speed Up


Invoicing is a time consuming task in itself, and monotonous too! In order to unburden some of your workload. Why not take some easy
steps? Subscription billing can be customised to integrate with existing CRM software Achieve better client management and retention.

Fast, Easy and Secure


Most of the world’s relationships are built on trust. Building strong trust with your clients help you get them on board for lifetime. Also, don’t forget they are your brand ambassadors! Providing your customers with latest fast and secure mediums for making payments with just one credential that keeps their information safe, keeps their trust intact.

Manage Staff from Anywhere


A streamlined workflow is the key to achieve maximum results. Invoicera, the billing software for travel agencies, apart from just the basic invoicing, also, helps you to manage your workflow. The staff management feature from the software helps you delegate and manage projects. It also makes sure to track activities of each of your employees. Therefore, working to increase business productivity.



The need for a billing software for travel agencies is rising because of the increase in the demand for the industry in leaps and bounds. The growing market demands much more efficiency in the business and the need to stand out of the crowd. A well defined travel agency invoice software eradicates the use of paper from the being completely and streamlines the entire billing process. It is always beneficial to use a cloud based travel agency billing software to save all your data in one place. It makes tracking easy and efforts timeless.

Invoicera is one of the most powerful online invoicing software. With more than 13 years in the online invoicing industry it has been serving more than 3 million businesses. Supported by almost every industry, Invoicera has its customised set of tools for small businesses, enterprises and freelancers. The support of more than 30 online payment gateways in the software makes it unique and more reliable for businesses commencing their activities worldwide. CUSTOMISE, CREATE AND INVOICE ON THE GO WITH INVOICERA’S MOBILE APP AVAILABLE FOR BOTH ANDROID AND iOS.




Veronika Tondon is a business enthusiast with extensive experience in Invoicing & Payment Process. She has 6+ years of experience in Invoicera, the leading cloud-based invoicing solution as Invoicing Consultant. Sound knowledge in business process execution, offers end to end solutions for complete automation of business processes and AR/AP processes. Contact Veronica for your invoicing requirement.

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