The Best Invoicing Software- Freshbooks Vs Invoicera Vs Quickbooks Vs Zoho Vs Hiveage Vs Invoicely

What number of surveys have you perused to date? Numerous! Each invoicing software professes to be the best fit for your business. In any case, what amount of these really oblige all your AR/AP or Cash Flow Management needs? 

*Information from the BLS shows that roughly 20% of new organizations fall flat during the initial two years of being open, 45% during the initial five years, and 65% during the initial 10 years. Just 25% of new organizations make it to 15 years or more.

The reason you should carefully read the above-stated facts is that cash flow is the backbone of any business and invoicing works as the supplement that supports it. Because the current day’s online invoicing software for small businesses is much more than invoicing. It is your virtual employee that enables you to manage In order to support your invoicing process, you must have been on the lookout for the best invoicing software for small business. 

Each of the articles you came across has somewhere or the other included the names of below mentioned top 6 software in the market. Today, we will help you select the best from the top 6.

Find out in the ultimate battle of the best invoicing software for small business:

  1. Invoicera
  2. Freshbooks
  3. Quickbooks
  4. Zoho
  5. Invoicely
  6. Hiveage

Each one of these online invoicing solutions are most appropriate for various business types, sizes, ventures and specialties. Today we will look at every one of these 6 online invoicing solutions and audit them on various angles, for example, 

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Business types
  • Reviews
  • And, USP

Let us first get some answers concerning features and specialties 

Since you’ve considered the feature examination of all the major invoicing giants, here is a point by point audit of each for superior comprehension.


The primary explanation that makes Invoicera stand apart of the various small business billing software is its 360* methodology towards overseeing business exclusively. This cloud billing software encourages you to make altered invoices effectively with a click.

It likewise permits you to save all the data once and effectively reproduce it to all your future invoices and communications (credit notes, discounts, summaries, reports). Customization of invoices incorporates including a logo, terms and conditions, charges, and other data.

Invoicera has its software customized particularly as indicated by the 3 distinct fragments of business for example small business, enterprises, and consultants. This gives more specified features for your business and making the whole experience consistent. With Invoicera With the pattern of breaking obstructions of money, the brand has additionally centered around breaking language hindrances with multi-language include.

It permits you to send solicitations in any language that your customer likes, making it simple for you to manage your worldwide demographic. In a solitary dashboard, you can make and examine every one of your costs and different reports and conjecture without any problem.

    1. 30+ payment gateways integration
    2. Multi-business management
    3. Staff management
    4. Task management
    5. Invoice automation
    6. Integration with international payment gateways
    7. Vendor Management
    8. Customized invoice template
    9. Easy to send estimates
    10. Bespoke invoicing
    11. 3-layered invoicing software security 


Freshbooks is outstanding amongst other invoicing software that permits unbelievably simple UI for entrepreneurs. It permits you to modify your invoices according to your business prerequisites, for instance, you can include logo, terms and conditions and so on. You can even check whether a customer has seen or paid your receipt progressively. More or less, FreshBooks offers all that you need.

FreshBooks is a solid and quick bookkeeping suite that transforms in any case complex monetary administration into an agreeable encounter. Because of it, organizations get the chance to oversee invoices and recurring memberships in under no time and gather online payments inside a similar framework. It is explicit compared to other online invoicing software for a private company and utilized around the world. Freshbooks, the top invoicing software for small businesses permits following a 30-days free trial, the premium plans of $19.95/month.

    1. Multi-business invoicing
    2. Robust invoicing
    3. Cash flow and payments management
    4. Auto bills profile management
    5. Easy to send an estimate
    6. Bespoke invoicing


Zoho is an online invoicing software for small businesses that offers a total bundle with regards to invoicing. This cloud invoicing software is helpful when you need to rapidly make invoices. Aside from its activity of making invoices, Zoho permits you to make online payment updates, track real-time and get payments.

Zoho allows up to 5 free clients in your dashboard; paid plans start at $15 every month.

    1. Robust invoicing tracking system security
    2. Cash flow management
    3. Auto-billing profiles
    4. Staff management
    5. Bespoke project management


Hiveage (earlier known as CurdBee) is used by more than 45,000 freelancers in 140 nations. It makes administration jobs easy. On the top of the customized invoices, you can send customers updates and convert gauges into solicitations. Hiveage additionally sends you definite reports and empowers you to follow your time and expenses and the ability to deal with different clients and organizations.

You can utilize Hiveage for nothing, yet in the event that you require something more strong, plans start at $6.95/month.

    1. Multi-client and vendor management
    2. Robust security
    3. Cash flow and payments management
    4. Auto-bills profile
    5. Staff management
    6. Easy to send estimates
    7. Bespoke invoicing


Quickbooks is a cloud invoicing software for small business. It is generally reasonable for private company needs. You can undoubtedly run this application through windows and Mac to keep command over the client’s standpoint. It lets you produce business patterns reports, make and email solicitations, cloud-based information stockpiling, installment following and recording. It gives you continuous experiences, income charts. Quickbooks offers month to month plans at $20 to begin and updates as you receive for additional highlights.

    1. Customized invoice templates
    2. Multi-client management
    3. Robust security
    4. Cash flow management
    5. Auto bills profiles management
    6. Staff management
    7. Easy estimate templates
    8. Bespoke project management


Invoicely offers a wide scope of receipt online programming instruments for business executives. Invoice online, track payments and instant notifications are a part of its key highlights. You can sign up for this small business invoicing software for free and later move up to plans beginning from $9.99/month.

    1. Robust security
    2. Client and vendor management
    3. Billing profiles management
    4. Easy to send estimates
    5. Bespoke project management

Final Verdict

These were the main 6 small business invoicing software. Each product unique from the fundamental need of invoicing that it satisfies likewise has extraordinary highlights appended to it. Be it Invoicera, Zoho, Freshbooks, or others they all assist you with dealing with your business productively. The sole purpose is to customize the software as an invoicing specialist, Here is the thing that I might want you to know-Your business is novel and follows the work process particularly. You can’t follow the conventional rules, while can embrace the technique.

Invoicing software is an obvious significant part of your business that is straightforwardly influencing your capital. Keep in mind, you should pick the best cloud billing software for your business. At one side where it ought to take into account all the business needs with its remarkable component, on the recycled it ought to likewise alter according to your business needs to let the work process without any problem. Anything that makes you bargain, ought to be undermined. 

Pick the one that you feel suits your business needs totally, and move to the universe of web-based invoicing.



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