Creating a business name is exciting, especially if it is your first business. Your business name represents you and your business and can potentially help you exceed and reach success.

However, choosing a business name is challenging and one of the most important things when getting started. Consider some of the following tips to stay clear of problems and create a business name worth reading, promoting, and talking about!


Make Your List

The best way to create an effective business name is to write down a list of words about the industry your business is in. Then, consider writing some other words that other businesses not in your industry use. Sit down, relax, and go through the lists, putting together potential business names.

Always remember to check if your name is available as a domain name! You wouldn’t want to be leading clients elsewhere.


Look At Your Competition

You may think it’s clever in naming your business similar to your competitor. However, it is not. Potential clients are busy and might not remember your business name exactly and when they come across a business with a similar name, they will keep going and may hire them.

Do your research on your competitors’ names, and pronunciations to keep your name as far away from them as possible.


Keep It Short

There are multiple reasons your business name should be short. When conducting a business online, one of the most important reasons is for your domain name. You wouldn’t want a domain name that is very long and especially can’t fit on a business card. An easy to read and short name is beneficial when clients, colleagues, or partners are typing in the business name.


Is It Easy To Pronounce?

You created the name, so it comes naturally to you when you pronounce it. However, write it down on a piece of paper and ask some close relatives or peers to pronounce it, and if they are having trouble, it may not be a good idea.



How is your business spelled? If you are at a convention, or on the phone, would the person know how to spell it just by hearing its pronunciation? This is vital, as there may be other businesses with a very similar pronunciation but different spelling.

Unless you are willing to constantly spell your business name when talking to someone, don’t choose something tricky. Keep it easy and direct for your clients to understand and access.


Author Bio –

Robert is the creative director for his local tech company. His opportunities have come through freelancing. Although he no longer offers his freelance services he is still heavily involved online through sites such as Enthuse.