Invoicera : Feature updates and bug fixes

Version: 14.5, Tuesday, 2nd November, 2016

  • – Upgraded Invoicera to php V 5.6
  • – Auto Complete search box implemented in few areas in Invoicera Product & Services.
  • – Fix: Time Zone issue which effect “Project work Time Log”.
  • – Fix: Issue related to ‘blank mandatory field’ under preference which restrict user to update changes in APP setting.
  • – Fix: Overlapping issue which large data in Report module.
  • – Fix: PDF INVOICE alignment issue with different templates.

Version : 14.4, Friday, 5th October, 2016

  • – ALIPAY Payment Gateway integrated with Invoicera.

Version : 14.3, Thursday, 8th September, 2016

  • – Fix : Improved mail attachment with the function to send reminder feature in Invoice.
  • – Fix : Enhanced to download Invoice Attachment.

Version : 14.2, Thursday, 25th August, 2016

  • – Citrus payment Gateway integrated with Invoicera.
  • – RazorPay payment Gateway integrated with Invoicera.
  • – AsiaPay/PayDollar payment Gateway integrated with Invoicera.
  • – AsiaPay/PesoPay payment Gateway integrated with Invoicera.
  • – AsiaPay/SiamPay payment Gateway integrated with Invoicera.
  • – Fix : Enhanced the Credit Note payment to show the Reports.
  • – Fix : Implemented function to show the payment report of different clients.
  • – Fix : Enhanced account Aging Report & Recurring Email.

Version : 14.1, Wednesday, 27th July, 2016

  • – Stripe payment Gateway integrated with Invoicera.
  • – BrainTree payment Gateway integrated with Invoicera.
  • – Network Online payment Gateway integrated with Invoicera.
  • – New Feature on Invoice Report excluding tax.
  • – Fix : Enhanced HTML Mail format.
  • – Enhancement : Updated Excel/CSV Export Library in Report Section.

Version : 13.9, Friday, November 28th, 2014

  • – Quickbooks Integration Update : This update enables importing Quickbooks data to Invoicera.
  • – Preview Outstanding : This feature allows you to display/hide the outstanding invoices from the client while he/she receives a new invoice.
  • – Braintree Feature Addition : Token based payment system has now been updated on Braintree for Invoicera. It is now possible to receive recurring payments with the Braintree Payment Gateway add-on.

Version : 13.8, Friday November 14th, 2014

  • – Basecamp API version updations : Invoicera updated to be integrated with the new Basecamp.
  • – Expense Approvals Update : Expenses to be added to Invoices only after approval from the account admin.

Version : 13.7, Friday, October 31st, 2014

  • – Upload attachment in Project & Task : Now upload important attachments to projects and tasks through the newly updated feature.
  • – Add Invoice status : Now check invoice status in getInvoice & listInvoice XML API.
  • – PAYU Payment Gateways : Added PAYU Payment Gateway.

Version: 13.6, Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

  • – Client Tagging, Grouping and Categorizing : Now add and search for clients more easily with the new category feature.
  • – Estimate Note : Add notes and discussion points while sending estimates to your clients. These notes can be shown or hidden.
  • – Added Indian Payment Gateways : EBS Payment Gateway.

Version: 13.5 , Monday, October 13th, 2014

  • – Apple upgradation : The latest version of the Invoicera iOS app is now live, with the all new updated features. Download now.

Version: 13.4  , Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

  • – Android Upgradation : The Invoicera Android App is now live. Enjoy invoicing on the go with the all new updated features. Download now.

Version: 13.3 , Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

  • – Added New Payment Gateways : Braintree Payment Gateway.
  • – Features Enhancements : New feature to add specimen signature while customizing invoice templates.

Version: 13.2, Friday, Jun 27th, 2014

  • – Features Enhancements.
  • – Updated “products import” section: Now import taxes and current inventory stock with products.
  • – Updated our coding as per the latest updates in these three payment gateways – Ogone, BluePay, PsiGate.
  • – Server Upgradation & Security PCI DSS Compliance – More secured.
  • – Upgraded to PHP 5.4.

Version:13.1, Monday, Mar 17th, 2014

  • – API : Web API improvement.
  • – Bug Fixes : Staff was not being automatically selected while converting expense to invoice – its fix now.
  • – Bug Fixes : Without client selection if you try to apply tax(on Generate Invoice page), the page was getting stucked with a message “Please select client” – its fix now.

Version: 12.10, Thursday, Dec 12th, 2013

  • – User Interface : Improved usability of drop-down selection throughout the application.
  • – Bug Fixes : Validation checks on discounts, unit cost and taxes – Now you can’t enter amount in minus or text.

Version: 12.9, Tuesday, Aug 6th, 2013

  • – Added New Payment Gateways.
  • – ACH payment Gateway.
  • – Stripe payment Gateway.
  • – Credit-Note : If partial payment is not allowed for a invoice, then partial payment will not applicable for ‘Credit Note’.
  • – API : Changes in API.
  • – XSS : Fixed some XSS related bug.

Version: 12.8, Tuesday, Feb 26th, 2013

  • – Work In Progress Report : Introduced Work In Progress report, Now you can track the record of work done either by the Admin or by the staff members that is yet to be billed.
  • – Add Attachment : Now You can attach the files with your Invoices and send to your clients.

Version: 12.7, Thursday, Dec 13th, 2012

  • – Improved Dashboard : Now, overview your six-months/ yearly graph invoicing summary on currency and duration-wise segregation. Also, take a glance at the top 5 billed clients listed on your Dashboard.
  • – Improved Header Section : Experience a new header design for improved usability. Look for organized menu items, categories, and sub categories.

Version: 12.6, Wednesday, Nov 7th, 2012

  • – Profit & Loss report : Now, you can check your Profit and Loss report on quarterly/ yearly basis.
  • – Search options on Invoice screens : Look for Clients, Products or Services easily using keyword search. No further need to scroll the drop-down list to make a search during your activities.
  • – Attach Receipt with Expense & Show it with Invoice : Feel free to attach your receipt with any expense. Show it to your client(s) with the Invoices.
  • A- Mail in HTMl +Text format : With this feature, you can set Email templates in HTML/Plain text Format . You can further modify all Emails as HTML and Plain Text . (HTML Editor is provided, if you wish to set HTML based Emails).
  • – Pricing changes : Paid plan is now available for Free for the First 30 Days of your registration, after that you will be converted to free plan if fail to upgrade. You may try and get acquainted with any of the available paid plans. Furthermore, you can upgrade at anytime to enjoy uninterrupted benefits.
  • – Reminder stating late fees : With this latest Invoicera feature, get late fee reminders with every outstanding invoices remainder mails.
  • – P.O Changes : Now can add terms & condition’s with Purchase order.
  • – Estimate Total : Now Can view all row total of all the clients with same currency on the Estimate management page.
  • – Estimate Changes : Now can add comments when accepting/Rejecting Estimates.

Version: 12.5, Wednesday, Oct 10th, 2012

  • – Dynamic Parameters(Recurring) : This would let you add dynamic tags to recurring invoices. Upon generation of an invoice from your recurring profile, parameters shall be substituted with an apt value. Moreover, you could use the following parameters in the following fields:.
  • – Terms.
  • – Notes.
  • – Description.
  • – QuickBooks : This exciting Invoicera feature would let you import your clients, items, and invoices from Quickbooks to Invoicera. Click here for more updates.
  • – Report : You may now browse new tax report with Invoicera. Moreover, you get to experiment with some enhanced reporting sections.
  • – Add Due Invoice.
  • – Due invoice list is now visible on invoice preview. You could select and add up-to 5 due invoices with current invoice before sending across.
  • – Search with Advance Search : Look for a fine-tuned ‘keyword search’ tool on all management page(s) to ensure smooth search along with advanced options.
  • – Listing with Action : The action sheet now offers easy selection.
  • – Improved create Invoice Page : Experience a new and improved ‘Create invoice’ section.
  • Credit adjust on auto bill recurring : You can use credit amounts in recurring invoices. Auto-bill process is to be followed by the below mentioned steps:.
  • – Credit Amount.
  • – Credit Note.
  • – Auto-Bill (Credit Card, if applicable).
  • – Credit Note: Template Customization : Feel free to create customized template(s) for credit-note.
  • – Improved setting section : Experience enhanced setting section.

Version:12.4, Wednesday, Sept 5th, 2012

  • – Group Tax : Group your TAX(es) and directly associate Tax group to product/service(s). Use this feature to apply more than one Tax to your product/services (line items).
  • – Credit Note : View detailed report on all assigned credit note(s).
  • – New Invoice Template [Professional] : A new Invoice template was added. You may select this for Professional looking invoices.
  • – Convert To PO option : Create PO and directly convert it to an invoice.
  • – Discount on Total : Add discount to your total.

Version: 12.3, Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

  • – Purchase Order : With the Purchase Orders app, you can send purchase orders (PO’s) to any supplier. Click here to view more details.
  • – Credit Note : With the credit notes app, you can create a credit note both independently, or with regards. Click here to view more details.
  • – Payment Stub/Receipt Option.
  • – A Payment stub will be attached with PDF with Make Payment Link.
  • – Activate from Settings ->General Preferences -> App Settings ->Invoice Settings ->Payment stub on PDF-> select “Yes”.
  • – Invoice History on Estimate /Recurring Preview : Invoice History will be shown on Estimate & Recurring section.
  • – Vendor Management : Can manage Vendors here.
  • – Search Modification : Added new Search Option in Invoice,estimate,Time-tracking,Projects,report sections.
  • – Payment Acknowledgement Mail [Offline/Online Payment].
  • – Now you can Modify Payment Acknowledgement mail & Also Mark cc to yourself for all invoice payment acknowledgement mails for invoices.
  • – Set from Settings ->General Preferences -> Email ->Invoice Payment Notification Mail.
  • – Account Statement at Client Side.
  • – Now you can allow your client to view account statement at his end.
  • – Activate from Settings ->General Preferences -> App Settings ->client Settings ->Show Account Statement on Client side -> select “Yes”.

Version: 12.2, Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

  • – New Interface with UI Enhancement : Invoicera unveils new user interface with few more exciting features.
  • – Your SMTP Account Setup with Invoicera.
  • – Worried about mails going to spam or not being delivered? Use your own SMTP account to send mails from invoicera.
  • – Go to Settings ->General Preferences -> SMTP to setup your smtp details.
  • – TDS Section : Now you can allow your clients to deduct TDS at their end. You can also view your TDS Reports now.
  • – CSV Export Option for all reports : Now you can also export all reports in CSV format.
  • – Modify Invoice Payment Reminder Email Template.
  • – You can also set/edit ‘Email reminder Template’ as per your convenience now.
  • – Go to Settings ->General Preferences -> Email -> Edit Invoice Payment Reminder Mail option.
  • – Improved Auto-complete in clients’ drop down in Search & Reports : Searching gets even more easier and fast now with autocomplete boxes in reports & search sections.
  • – Over-due Invoices Client Wise : You can get overdue invoices report (client wise) in PDF format & can send the same reports to your clients from ‘Client’s Account Statement Section’.
  • – Replace placeholders in subject line of mails : Now you can use customized email subjects by using placeholders.
  • – Due Date for Outstanding Invoices : Your invoices will now be automatically converted to outstanding, once their due dates are crossed.
  • – Improved Navigation on Project & Task management Section : Now you can directly go to the task & time-log section from ‘Manage Project screen’.
  • – Instant Send by Mail option on Invoice,Estimate & Recurring : You can now use the ‘Send by Mail’ option to send your invoices, estimates & recurrings instantly.
  • – Change Status to Outstanding & Sent for Invoices : Change your invoice’s status as sent and/or outstanding.
  • – Mark As Accepted Status in Estimate : Now you can also change your estimate’s status as ‘Accepted’.

Version:12.1, Wednesday, Mar 14th, 2012

  • – PDF library : Updated PDF library and have enhanced invoice/estimate/recurring templates.
  • – Search Option : Enhanced search functionality.
  • – UI Modification : UI modification through out the application.
  • – Dashboard : Enhanced current dashboard while adding various new sections.
  • – Payment Gateway : Integrated Blue Pay Payment Gateway.
  • – Invoice Prefix : Implemented two invoice prefix for dual billing purpose.
  • – API Modification : Enhanced API support.
  • – Inventory Management : Integrated Basic Inventory management.
  • – Application Bugs : Fixed Minor application bugs.
  • – Payment Report : Integrated search according to the Date Invoiced and Date Paid in Payment report section.
  • – Other Feature : Extended values for VAT/TIN to 40.

Version: 11.10, Wednesday, Nov 9th, 2011

  • – Linkpoint Payment Gateway [Auto Bill] : Avail auto billing feature by selecting Linkpoint as your payment gateway.
  • – Estimate Alerts Mail can be sent to the Staff who created it : A notification mail will now be sent to the staff member who is creating the estimate.
  • – Improved Application Messages/Help : Enhanced Help messages that will aid understanding application and its usage.
  • – Modification in Customized Templates : Added with certain new placeholders that could be utilized per convenience.
  • – Plan Limit upgrade for Free users : Limitations on free plan has been extended. Also, a new ‘Basic’ plan has been launched with all the basic functionalities.
  • – Enhanced time tracking timer : Modified with functionality and have enhanced the usability of this feature.
  • – Update the links on E-mails : Send an E-mail directly as all has a hyperlink now.

Version:11.9, Wednesday, Aug 24th, 2011

  • – Default PDF attachment with recurring and Invoice mails : With this update, now you don’t have to worry about the PDF attachment. You just need to set them from Settings and be assured that all the invoices and recurring mail would be clubbed with the PDF.
  • – Day Name with Date Format : With this update, you would be able to display day name with your selected date format (e.g. Tue 23-Aug-2011).
  • – Currency symbol with Currency : With this update, you will get a choice to either display currency symbol(e.g. $) or currency code(e.g. USD).
  • – Default Invoice Notes during Estimate to Invoice Coversion : With this update, you will get a choice to opt the default invoice notes for invoice which has been converted from the estimate.

Version: 11.8, Thursday, Aug 18th, 2011

  • – Payment Gateway label change.
  • – Earlier there was no option to change the label of any payment gateway.
  • – Now, users can change the label of their particular payment gateway and the changed label will be reflected in the entire Invoicera account.
  • – Indexing of item edit page.
  • – With this update, indexing of item edit page has been improved.
  • – Now, all the items will appear on the preview page as they were appearing on the add/edit page.
  • – Net 7: Payment Terms.
  • – Earlier, users were allowed to set payment terms at the interval of 15,30,45,60 days only.
  • – Now, users can set payment terms to 7(Net: 7) days also.
  • – Basecamp enhanced with on fly invoices.
  • – Earlier users were not allowed to generate invoices of their Basecamp’s projects without importing data from their Basecamp account.
  • – Now, users can generate invoices on the fly without importing data from their Basecamp’s account.
  • – Staff permission (client allocation).
  • – Earlier, clients were not allowed to grant Admin access to their staff members.
  • – Now, clients can grant Admin access to their staff members.
  • – With this update, staff members can access the entire Invoicera account as an admin.
  • – Item’s exchange rate with multiple currencies.
  • – Previously, users were not allowed to set more than one exchange rate for any item.
  • – With this update, users can set multiple exchange rates for any particular item in multiple currencies.
  • – Team time sheet -> Search.
  • – Earlier, users were not allowed to search their team’s timesheet on the basis of Billed/unbilled.
  • – Now, an option has been provided with which users can search their team’s billed and unbilled timesheet separately.

Version:11.7, Thursday, Aug 4th, 2011

  • – Account Merging.
  • – Earlier, there was no option to merge accounts if users are having more than one account with one common email id.
  • – Now, users can merge their accounts if they are having more than one account with a same email id in order to view their invoices of different accounts at one common place.
  • – Invitation to join Invoicera.
  • – Earlier there was no option for users to invite their clients to join Invoicera.
  • – Now, users can invite their clients to create their accounts in Invoicera to enable them to create and send invoices to you.
  • – Preview button at template customization page.
  • – Earlier, users were not allowed to preview their invoice/estimate template which they have customized.
  • – Now, preview button has been added on template customization page with which users can preview their customized invoice/estimate template.
  • – 6 new fields added for client section.
  • –  6 New fields have been added on “add client” page now.
  • – Now users can add more information about their clients while adding a new client.
  • – Task assign to staff.
  • – Earlier, users were allowed to assign their tasks to projects only.
  • – Now, users can assign their tasks to their staff members also.
  • – Expense assign to project.
  • – Earlier, users were allowed to assign their expenses to their clients and recurring profiles only.
  • – Now, users can assign their expenses to their projects also.
  • – Recurring Number.
  • – Previously, users were not allowed change the recurring number of their recurring profiles.
  • – Now, users can easily change the recurring number of their recurring profiles as per their needs.
  • – URL Encryption : Now, URls of the entire Invoices/Estimates/Expenses/Clients/Items Preview pages have been encrypted to make it more secure.
  • – Logo Size 1MB : Now users can upload their Company/Application’s logo of size upto 1MB.

Version: 11.6, Thursday, Jul 14th, 2011

  • – Magento Extension.
  • – Recently we have integrated our services with Magento.
  • – Invoicera integration with magento allows users to automatically create invoices within Invoicera when an order is placed in their store.
  • – You can also import new orders automatically into your Invoicera account from Magento.
  • – Payment gateway selection option at invoice creation page.
  • – Earlier, there was no option for users to get paid from their clients through their preferred payment gateway which they have enabled in their account.
  • – Now, users can select their preferred payment gateway on the invoice creation page.
  • – Late fee displaying on Account statement.
  • – We have recently enhanced account statement of clients.
  • – Now, we have added a late fee section on the account statement with which you can see how much late fee has been charged to that particular client.
  • – Estimate search – one more filter added as “Viewed”.
  • – Earlier, there was option to search an estimate which has been already viewed.
  • – Now, users can search any estimate which has been viewed previously.
  • – + Sign accepted for password.
  • – Earlier users were facing problem in including +sign in their account password.
  • – Now the problem has been resolved, password can accept +sign now.

Version:11.5, Wednesday, Jul 6th, 2011

  • Invoicera API.
  • – We have recently launched our much anticipated API v1.0.
  • – This will allow third-party developers to integrate Invoicera platform with any of their existing or new applications.
  • Self Hosting Service.
  • – Recently we have started our Self Hosting Service.
  • – With self hosting plan, you can now download & install the entire Invoicera application on your own server.
  • Item’s Description Length.
  • – We have now increased the length of Item’s description.
  • – Now, you can enter more detailed information about any item if you want to.
  • Customize Template for Recurring Profile.
  • – Earlier, users were not allowed to use customized invoice template for creating recurring profile.
  • – Now, users can use customized invoice template for creating new recurring invoices.
  • Staff Member Search by Name.
  • – Earlier, to search any particular staff member, you need to enter his/her email id.
  • – Now, you can search any particular staff member by simply entering his/her name.
  • Fixed Chrome PDF Issue.
  • – Earlier users were facing problems in downloading PDFs while using Invoicera on Google Chrome.
  • – Now, the issue has been fixed and users will not face any problem in downloading PDF of Invoices/Estimates on Google Chrome.
  • Removed Bitly Code.
  • – BitLy code has now been removed.
  • – We have now shortened our Invoicera link in mails. Previously, some invoice/estimate mails were bouncing due to Bitly URL.
  • Set Different Currencies for Different Products.
  • – Earlier, there was no option to set different currency other than your account’s default currency for any of your products.
  • – Now, users can set different currencies for their different products.
  • Reports Enhancement.
  • – We have now made several changes/modification on our reports.
  • – Now, we have added notes section in the time tracking report.
  • – Now, reports will work faster and downloading of reports will also be faster.
  • Enhanced To-Do-List.
  • – Sending reminder feature has been improved.
  • – Previously, users were not allowed to set reminders for the same day but now with latest enhancements, users can send reminders on the same day also.

Version: 11.4, Thursday, Apr 21st, 2011

  • Plain Theme.
  • – We have launched new refreshing plain theme for our application.
  • – Plain theme is lighter & faster than the previous theme, so there will be 30-40% faster page loading.
  • – You can apply Plain Theme by following these simple steps: Login into your account -> Settings -> General Preferences -> General -> Default Theme -> Choose Plain (Beta) option from the drop-down.
  • Invoice items can accept multiple lines description : With this, you can include more supplementary information for your items in multiple lines if you want to.
  • Username [Admin/Staff/Client].
  • – Now a user can create more than one Invoicera account using same email id.
  • – User can now change his contact details such as Email id, Business Name etc.
  • Hourly rate for admin user.
  • With this feature, now you can set your own hourly rate for your project without adding any staff member.

Version: 11.3, Friday, Mar 11th, 2011

  • Server Upgrade.
  • Upgrade server to a newer and more secure version of PHP.
  • Improved Time tracking / Feedback / Multi-Lingual aspects.
  • – Fixed a complex bug related to Time-Tracking while accommodating the Server Upgrade.
  • – Fixed an issue regarding Character encoding by using UTF-8 across the board.
  • PDF related improvements.
  • – Customized PDF now allows for better field-width flexibility / label alignment.
  • – Added a feature to send Customized PDFs as Mail Attachments.
  • Invoice to Recurring.
  • Added a new feature to convert Invoice to a Recurring Invoice.
  • Partial payment option on invoice from Expense / Time-Tracking.
  • Added a Partial Payment option to Invoices generated via Expense / Time-Tracking.
  • Refer and Earn.
  • New Affiliate section allows a user to refer Invoicera to friends and earn upto 25% per referral !.

Version: 11.2, Monday, Feb 21st, 2011

  • Added purchase order number with projects in time-tracking system.
  • – With this, users can assign a purchase order number to their projects.
  • – This will increase the usability as users can use purchase order number only to track their specific projects.
  • Recurring profile history.
  • – Now, you can view all invoices generated from a particular recurring profile.
  • – With this feature, on previewing any recurring profile, you can see the history of all the invoices which you have already sent to your clients.
  • Improved permission of time tracking.
  • – We have enhanced our time tracking permission feature.
  • – With this, user can restrict staff members from viewing time log sheets of other staff members also. Now, client can give permission to access its time log sheet to any particular staff member according to its requirement.
  • PDF of customize template.
  • – Now, you can generate PDF file of your customize invoice template.
  • – Users can now send PDF file of customize invoice template as an attachment to the mail to their client.

Version:11.1, Tuesday, Jan 11th, 2011

  • Edit Payment Notification Email Content.
  • – Now, You can edit your payment notification email content.
  • – On offline payment page, You can edit email content on the fly.
  • Tiny URL for invoice/estimate.
  • – To make URL short, we are using URL shorten API of
  • – With this new feature, you can send tiny URLs of invoice/estimate to your clients.
  • Expense Import(XLS, CSV).
  • – New feature to import your expenses has been added to expense tracking option.
  • – With this feature you can easily import your expenses from your expense documents(.XLS, .CSV) to your invoices to ensure your expenses are up to date.
  • Assign client option to bulk expenses.
  • – Now you can assign client to multiple expenses from manage expenses in one go.
  • – This will increase the usability of your expenses.
  • Four New Payment Gateways Added.
  • – eWAY is a widely used payment gateway, especially amongst merchants in Australia and New Zealand for their online transactions.
  • – Beanstream online credit card processing gateway supports Canadian and US dollar transactions for the most popular credit cards.
  • – Ogone is a Multi-Currency support payment gateway which offers over 40 international and local online payment methods.
  • – PayPal Website Payment Pro payment gateway is especially used amongst US and UK merchants for their online payments.
  • – This takes the total number of payment gateways to 20.
  • Time-Tracking.
  • – Earlier only logged-in user had the access to track and enter the time spent by him on a project for any task.
  • – From now onwards, admin/staff members will also get an option to track and enter the time spent by their staff/admin.

Version:10.19, Friday, Dec 3rd, 2010

  • Client Import.
  • – You will be able to easily import your clients to your Invoicera account and manage them effectively.
  • – Can import all your clients in one go by copying their details in an excel sheet and then bring them to your account.
  • Template Customization.
  • – You can modify the template of your invoice as per your needs and requirements.
  • – Can add or delete unwanted sections from your invoice layout.
  • – Helps your clients to interpret your invoice in a better way and make quick payments.
  • – Reflects your professionalism and enhances your overall business image.
  • Edit Your Paid Invoices.
  • – Now you can edit your invoices even if they are paid by your clients.
  • – Allows you to resolve any issue related to your partial, paid or outstanding payments.
  • – You can edit the amount and charge late fee, taxes and discounts if necessary for that particular client.
  • Remove Offline Payment.
  • – Allows you to remove your offline which you received from your clients and updated in your offline payment section of your account.
  • – Allows you to resolve any issue related to your partial, paid or outstanding payments.
  • – You can edit the amount and charge late fee, taxes and discounts if necessary for that particular client.
  • Attachment size increased by 3MB.
  • – Enhances your e-mailing as you can attach a file which can contain more information regarding the transaction and the invoice.
  • – Enables your client to interpret it in a more efficient way which also facilitates quick payments.

Version:10.18, Friday, Oct 22nd, 2010

  • Basecamp Integration.
  • – In our first ever third party integration, we have recently integrated Invoicera with Basecamp.
  • – With this integration it would be possible to import Basecamp projects, staff members and clients to your Invoicera account.
  • – This integration has been specifically done for those Invoicera users who have been using Basecamp for project management or intend to use it in future.
  • – Basecamp users can now also use Invoicera to track time for the projects imported.
  • Gmail and iGoogle Time Tracking Gadget.
  • – New Google time tracking gadget has been introduced to streamline time tracking process.
  • – Gmail and iGoogle time tracking gadgets allow you to track project work time even while checking email in your Gmail account or from your iGoogle account as well.
  • – This way you can log time for your projects even when you are not into your Invoicera account.
  • Google Checkout.
  • As some of the users were facing issues with Google Checkout payments, they have been resolved as well in this update.
  • New Staff Permissions Introduced.
  • – Our “Set Permissions” for staff has been completely revamped in this update.
  • – The design of the permissions section has been completely changed for better understanding and usability.
  • – The help for this section has been specifically provided for clutter free interpretation of various cases involved in setting staff permissions.

Version:10.17, Wednesday, Sep 22nd, 2010

  • Signature Specimen.
  • – New feature to upload your signature has now been introduced.
  • – You would now be able to upload the image of your signature under Settings -> My Account -> Logos & Images -> Specimen Signature.
  • – This feature has been introduced to increase authenticity, professionalism and trust with your customers.
  • “Send Login Info” button on client preview.
  • – You would now be able to send login info. to your customers as many times as you want.
  • – The option to send login info. is now also available on the client preview page.
  • Expenses on Estimates.
  • – Since this was a requested feature, it would now be possible to add expenses to estimates as well.
  • – Till now expenses could only be added to invoices.
  • PayPal Recurring payment.
  • – Since we had many users craving for recurring payments, it is finally here.
  • – You can now opt for PayPal recurring payments if you do not wish to pay manually each time your subscription expires.

Version:10.16, Tuesday, Aug 31st, 2010

  • Apply Tax on Items.
  • – Option to apply tax for each of the item added has now been made available.
  • – While adding a new product/service or at the time of editing an existing item it would now be possible for you to apply a default tax to be shown on invoices.
  • – The list of taxes added by you would be displayed in the listing and you can select the one that needs to be applied for that particular product/service.
  • Set Default Color for Invoice/Estimate Templates.
  • – Per invoice/estimate template color option is already available but we have noticed that most users prefer to use a standard invoice template and color for all invoices and estimates.
  • – Keeping this requirement in mind we have now given the option to set a default color for all templates. This way you would not be required to change the template color each time you create an invoice.

Version:10.15, Wednesday, Aug 11th, 2010

  • Application Pages Further Optimized.
  • – Application has been further optimized to drastically reduce page load time.
  • – This would facilitate faster load time and allow you to navigate quickly between various sections within the application.
  • Your Company Logo in the Application.
  • – You would now be able to upload a separate company logo to be displayed within the application.
  • – This logo would be displayed in place of the Invoicera logo and can be of dimensions 140 X 40.
  • – This enhancement has been specifically brought into effect to make sure that the application is completely yours and it belongs to you.
  • – We hope this would give you a nice feeling while using the application.
  • Invoice Number on Create Page Available.
  • – From now on the invoice number would display while creating the invoice.
  • – You would now be able to edit the invoice/estimate number while creating the invoice/estimate.
  • Client Business E-mail Made Non-Mandatory.
  • – You would no longer be required to enter your client’s business email while adding a client.
  • – This can be set under ‘Invoice & Estimate’ tab in ‘General Preferences’ under ‘Settings’.
  • – In case of no business email for the client, no email/notification would be sent to the client.
  • VAT/TIN Number in Multiple Languages.
  • – Under ‘Customized Template’ option another field of VAT/TIN number has been made available.
  • – This would allow you to edit VAT/TIN number field with any other field of your choice.
  • Width of All Drop-down Menus Increased.
  • – The width of drop-down menus have been increased to make sure all items listed in the drop-down are clearly visible.
  • – It would no longer be a nightmare to search and select the items, even if you have hundreds of them.

Version: 10.14, Monday, Jul 26th, 2010

  • Move Rows while creating Invoices.
  • – The option to move rows while creating invoices and estimates is now available.
  • – This would allow you to have items in the sequence that you wish to while creating invoices and estimates.
  • –  while creating invoices from timesheets and expenses it would be possible to arrange entries in the desired order.
  • Adjusting Partial Payments.
  • – Additional option has been provided in ‘Settings’ for adjusting partial payments made by clients.
  • – The status of the invoice will be converted to ‘Paid’ if your client has made partial payment for the invoice. The difference in the invoice amount and the paid amount for which you want the invoice status to get converted to ‘Paid’ can be set by you.
  • – In case the invoice amount is $99.95 but your client pays only $99 and you don’t want the client to pay the remaining amount (.95), then your invoice status will display as ‘Paid’.
  • – You set this value under Settings -> General Preferences -> Invoice & Estimates -> Enter the value in front of the option ‘Invoice Status to “Paid” For a Difference of Amount’.

Version:10.13, Friday, Jul 9th, 2010

  • Additional Information on Client Preview Section.
  • In the most recent update you would now have access to important and relevant client information on client preview page.
  • You would now be able to view details pertaining to invoices, estimates, expenses and payment history all at one place for each of your client.
  • This new section has been added to make sure you do not have to move around to view the most relevant details.

Version: 10.12, Friday, Jun 25th, 2010

  • Customized Invoice Template.
  • – New customized invoice has been provided to give you an enhanced option to customize the invoice as per your business requirements.
  • – Using this template you can remove discount and tax fields if you are not required to show them to your clients.
  • – To make use of this template select the ‘Customized Template’ from the template dropdown while creating an invoice.
  • Separate Billing and Shipping/Delivery Address.
  • – Option to add separate shipping/delivery address for your client has also been provided.
  • – This option has been specifically provided for those users whose clients request to send the invoice at the billing address and making the actual delivery to the shipping/delivery address.
  • – To add shipping/delivery address is optional, but if added it would also display on the invoice.

Version: 10.11, Wednesday, Jun 9th, 2010

  • – Invoicera Available for Google Application Marketplace.
  • – In the most recent and important development Invoicera has now been listed on Google Application Marketplace.
  • – All Google Apps users would now be able to access their Invoicera account with their Google Apps domain.
  • – The Google Apps domain can be set under the ‘Settings’ tab in ‘My Account’. Under ‘My Account’ a separate tab has been provided as ‘Google Apps Domain’.

Version:10.10, Monday, May 31st, 2010

  • – Customized Login Page and Date Format.
  • – From now on whenever you would login to your Invoicera account using your login URL, the login page would display your company logo and name.
  • – The company logo would only be displayed if it has been uploaded in your Invoicera account.
  • – So upload your company logo, if you haven’t already and enjoy your customized login page.

Version:10.9, Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

  • Enhancements in Multi-Language Invoicing.
  • – Earlier you were required to type in the respective to create multi-lingual invoice. But now 11 different languages have been provided to choose from in the dropdown.
  • – Using this option all the fields in the invoice template would automatically get converted in the respective language.
  • –  This option can be used either while creating a new client or by editing an existing client. Use the ‘Customize Template Fields’ button and select the language from the ‘Select Language’ option.
  • New Pricing Plans Launched.
  • New pricing plans have been launched and have come into effect from 24th May 2010. Please refer to for updated pricing and plans.
  • New Payment Gateway Added.
  • New payment gateway CreditCall has been added. This takes the total of no. of payment gateways to 16.

Version:10.8, Wednesday, Apr 28th, 2010

  • Multiple Language Invoicing.
  • – With the introduction of the NEW multiple language invoicing you would now be able to generate invoices/estimates in ANY language.
  • – Apart from supporting all major languages like French, Spanish, German, Russian, etc. you would be able to create and send invoices/estimates in various other languages as well!.
  • – This unique feature has been introduced to eliminate any limitation associated with international invoicing.
  • Invoice Template Customization.
  • – It would now be possible for you to edit/customize your invoice/estimate template by replacing the default fields.
  • – Default fields such as product/service, description, unit cost, etc can be changed with your own custom fields in ANY language.
  • – This has been done to make sure you are able to customize invoices/estimates as per your business requirements.
  • Calculator.
  • – We have now provided a calculator for you to make calculations and verify them.
  • – This is a handy tool for you to do quick calculations while creating invoices and estimates.

Version:10.7, Wednesday, Apr 7th, 2010

  • Custom Exchange Rate.
  • – Option to set your own custom exchange rate is now available. You would be able to enter the exchange rate you wish to use to invoice your clients.
  • – This would allow you to choose between currency converter for real time conversion or setting your own currency exchange rate.
  • – This option will cater to the individual invoicing requirements for our users.
  • Adding Custom Fields.
  • – You would now be able to enter your own fields for invoices as well as estimates.
  • – These custom fields would allow you to enter any additional or mandatory field on the invoice. For e.g. VAT Registration No., Company Registration No., etc.
  • Decimal Places.
  • – Since this was a requested feature we have now made available the option to have upto 4 places of decimal.
  • – You can choose from 2, 3 and 4 place of decimals.
  • – You can select this option from General Preferences under the Settings tab.
  • Currency Format.
  • – You can now select from various currency formats as per your requirements.
  • – Three different types of widely used currency formats are available to choose from.
  • Expense Backup.
  • – Option to take back up of all your expenses is now available. You would be able to export all the expenses that you have incurred on behalf of your clients for your future reference.

Version:10.6, Friday, Mar 5th, 2010

  • Payment Link Option Now available on PDF.
  • – In our latest update, you now have the option to include payment link on your PDF attachments.
  • – This Would allow your clients to pay for the invoice amount directly from the invoice PDF, thus providing both convenience and more payment options.
  • – This option can be activated by selecting the Payment link on PDF in the invoice & Estimate tab in ‘General Preferences’ under the settings dropdown.
  • Option to Add Multiple Contacts to Send Invoices.
  • – Since this was a requested feature, we have now given the option to add multiple email contacts, in case you are required to send invoices to more than one person.
  • – For the moment, this option has been provided only while creating invoices, but very soon it will be available for estimates as well as recurring invoices.
  • E-mail Notification Customization.
  • – While editing email notification for ‘new invoice mail’ the custom message written by you will be available for ‘mail attachment’ message as well. This can be done by selecting ‘Email’ tab in ‘General Preferences’ under the ‘Settings’ tab.
  • In order to use the default message for ‘mail attachment’, select default from ‘new invoice mail’ and copy the content in the text area for mail attachment.
  • This would allow you to either use same text message for new invoice generated and PDF mail attachment or use custom message for new invoice generated and default message for mail attachment. So have all the option available.
  • Company Logo.
  • – We have now provided a separate tab for uploading your company logo. This can be done in ‘My Account’ under the settings tab.
  • – Earlier this option was available while editing your profile and was not available in a separate tab.
  • – This would allow you to easily upload your company logo without any hassle.

Version: 10.5, Monday, Feb 22nd, 2010

  • – Add Client’s Expenses from Invoices.
  • – In this round up of enhancements we have provided you the option to use already added expenses for your clients while creating an invoice.
  • – If you have created and assigned expense(s) for any of your client, then while creating an invoice for that particular client you will get the option to ‘Add expense to this invoice’.
  • – Click on this button and expense(s) will be added to the invoice.

Version: , 10.4, Friday, Feb 12th, 2010

  • Compound Tax.
  • – Now you will be able add compound tax in your invoices along with normal taxes that you have been using.
  • – This feature has been specifically incorporated keeping the Canadian tax system in mind, though it can be used by anyone (based on their requirements).
  • – Our users from Canada had requested us to have compound tax in place and here it is, ready to be used.
  • Negative Tax.
  • – Negative tax means you will be able to deduct your tax amount from the total invoice amount.
  • – Negative tax is referred to as IRPF in Spain and is mostly used there. This tax amount is deducted by businesses in Spain after adding VAT.
  • – This feature will fulfill the requirement of our users from Spain or any other country where it is used.
  • Feedback Form at Logout Page.
  • – Feedback form has now been added for you to leave any comment, feedback, suggestion or even feature request.
  • – This will help us to identify your needs more accurately.
  • – Even though feedback option is already provided in the application, this form will make it easier for you to post your opinions.

Version: 10.3, Tuesday, Feb 9th, 2010

  • Moneris payment gateway integrated.
  • – New payment gateway Moneris has been integrated.
  • – Moneris is a widely used payment gateway, especially popular in North America.
  • – You would now have the option to process payments from as many as 15 payment gateways.

Version: 10.2 , Friday, Feb 5th, 2010

  • Add tax directly from an invoice.
  • – Now you would be able to add tax directly while creating an invoice.
  • – This implies you would now be able to add tax, client, product/service and late fee directly while creating an invoice.
  • – You don’t have to add or create any of these things separately.
  • Invoice no. editable.
  • – Another minor update has been the option to edit the invoice number.
  • – You would be able to edit the invoice number from the setting tab. Go General Preferences under the setting tab and click ‘invoice and estimate’. Here you can enter the invoice number that you wish to use.
  • – Please make sure you enter a number one less than what you want to use in the invoice. For e.g., if you want your invoice number to be 10 then enter 9 in the invoice settings.

Version: 10.1 , Wednesday, Jan 27th, 2010

  • Discount option with flat rate.
  • – Now you would have the option to either have discount amount in percentage or as a flat amount.
  • – We have added this option for user convenience, as some of you requested to have flat discount amount.
  • Sign-up process modified.
  • – There has been a minor modification in the sign-up process.
  • – Earlier all sign-up links opened in new tab with the sign-up form. Now, they open in the same window with the pricing page.
  • – This would allow users to compare all packages and select the one which suits him/her best.



Veronika Tondon is a business enthusiast with extensive experience in Invoicing & Payment Process. She has 7+ years of experience in Invoicera, the leading cloud-based invoicing solution as Invoicing Consultant. Sound knowledge in business process execution, offers end to end solutions for complete automation of business processes and AR/AP processes. Contact Veronika for your invoicing requirement.

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