Commercial Invoice Vs Shipping Invoice

An invoice is a simple itemized list, depicting all goods supplied to its customers by any business. However, invoices can be of different types and may include a number of columns and sections to well present the number of goods supplied and their prices, and then the sum total. Besides there could be different factors upon which the format of an invoice may depend. And one important factor is the shipping destination.

For a domestic shipment, one needs to send a shipping invoice to the customer along with the shipment whereas for shipping across the frontiers, there is a need of a commercial invoice. Both types of invoices come in a standard format and may carry several common items. But beside basic details, there are specific piece of information that make both type of invoices different from each other.

However, both are important documents for the accounting process of a company.

What is commercial invoice?

In general, commercial invoices could be more detailed or exhaustive in comparison to shipping invoices.

Since it’s a document to record international shipping it requires detailed information about the shipper and the receiver. It may also include specific information about the quantity, weight and volume of the items available in the shipment. Besides, there should be the description about the goods with their packaging details. The invoice should also contain per piece price and then total price, along with shipping charges and insurance costs. It should also carry detailed information about the terms of sale.


What is Shipping Invoices?

Shipping invoices are a simple list of items with their prices sent to a customer by any company. There could be different formats of shipping invoices, but a general format includes name and address of the sender of the goods and the name and address of the receiving party. The invoice contains an itemized list of all items with their individual costs and number of each type of items sent to the customer. The invoice includes the total cost that the recipient has to pay. Any tax or charges that are applicable are also included in the invoice.


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Thus, both types of invoices have their own use and can be used accordingly. For domestic shipment, shipping invoices are used whereas for international shipping commercial invoices are sent. However, generating shipping invoices are much simpler and faster as they do not need exhaustive details as in the case of commercial invoices. Both types of invoices serve the function of a legal documentation, ascertaining that goods are sent from one party to another party. For the sending party, it provides an important piece for inventory reconciliation. On the other hand, for the receiving party, it serves as an important tool while releasing payments.

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