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Difference between Purchase Discount and Sales Discount

  Discounts are an integral part of the entire sales and marketing process. There are two types of discounts in sales and marketing:- purchase discount and the sales discount. These discounts vary in terms of who receives them and why, but they’re also connected in such a way that intelligent marketers can use both to […]

Top 5 Ways to effectively optimize your Accounts Payable

  The rapid move of the world towards digital technology is making it essential for business to take a more strategic approach towards handling their business activities. Cash flow management is one important task that any business needs to handle carefully. Account payable and account receivables should be recorded carefully in order to have a […]

7 Key Expense Management Best Practices

  Many organizations these days are investing great time and efforts in expense management best practices to keep a clear track of all expenses and keep them manageable to business’s financial extent. A precise and timely reporting of all expenses is important for seamless expense management process. For people who don’t understand it’s the itemized […]

Accounts payable vs accounts receivable
Difference Between Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable Management

  An item purchased by one organisation is sale for another. Both the companies will record the same transaction differently in their books. While one will fill it as AP (Account Payable), the other will record it in their AR (Account Receivables) section. Account payable are recorded when a company has to make payments, whereas […]

How important is Finance for a Business

  Finance for a business is a key to its growth. Call it the lifeline instead, that is required for the well being of a business, irrespective of the size business is working in. Apart from all the reasons a business needs finances, one of the major reason is the fight for survival and growth. […]

Top 10 Challenges faced in Buyer Supplier Relationship Management

  One of the most looked through relationship in any business is the one that the buyer and supplier share. While you aspire to delivering high quality, it is important to maintain a healthy relationship with your supplier. The amount of errors in the system can actually result in unwanted outcomes. The source of error […]

Time Billing vs Project Billing for Freelance Consultants

Do you as a freelance consultant face the dilemma of charging for the time invested or the entire project? Sometimes, it might become extremely difficult for a you to bill for the hours worked on a project. As a consultant, you may be really quick at completing the project. This may fetch you lesser money […]

How to manage Cash Flow For SME’s and Startups

  A healthy cash flow management understands every inflow and outflow of cash.The main reason behind maximum startup failures is the inefficiency in cash flow management. It is important to keep a close eye on cash flow for SMEs, in order to easily sustain and grow the new venture. Small businesses in order to maintain […]

Tips For Small Businesses to Keep Finances In Track

The finances in the business hold the utmost importance. It is important because it directly affect the day to day business activities and helps tracking its performance. A good financial equation means that the planning is falling right into the place. But, there are times when you need quick money to solve certain problems that […]

Business Budget
Tips for Business Budgeting – Steps to Drastic Success!

More money, more power! Is the saying of old times. Optimum use, maximum power! Is now what they say. Using each penny wisely is very important in business as you always thrive to achieve maximum profit with optimum utilization of resources that you have. Therefore, budgeting in business is the key to its success. Planning […]