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How to manage Cash Flow For SME’s and Startups

A good cash flow management understands every inflow and outflow of cash. Most of the startup failures occur because of cash flow problems in the business. It is important to keep an eye on cash flow for SME’s, so they can easily sustain and grow the business. If you can response to these questions, you […]

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Advantages of Receiving Payments Online

If your business sells product items or services through a website, you are most likely to be losing a huge amount of business if you do not accept payments online. Online customers have become habitual of paying for their purchases, online and receiving shipments quickly. Thanks to secured features of online payments such as card […]

Business Cycle
Business Cycle: Causes & its Impact on an organization

The economic trend for all the countries across the world is never the same. The rise and fall of trade as a result of varying demand leads to changing business cycles. Important as they are, they surely need a clear understanding. Let us draw some light and comprehend what these business cycles are. Business cycles […]

Online Invoicing software For Insurance Companies

There is a dire need for the insurance industry to reduce the usage of paper in the operational process. An insurance company can easily do this, by using an online invoicing software. An online billing software helps in managing the invoicing process easily and getting paid on time. Here are some key basics of online […]

Top 3 Best Practices to Increase Business Productivity

Productivity is one of the core aspects of every business. Managing employee productivity can be a challenging task for every business. One can also use online tools and collaboration techniques to improve business productivity. Creating a goal to double up your business productivity can go a long way in improving business systems and processes. This […]

How to Prevent Bad Debts?

According to the Accounting Coach – the term bad debts usually refers to accounts receivable (or trade accounts receivable) that will not be collected.  However, the impact of bad debts can also refer to notes receivable that will not be collected. The impact of bad debts associated with accounts receivable is reported on the income […]

How to Launch A Small Business

With improving technology and lesser barriers to entry, many businesses are launching products and kickstarting businesses in shorter time spans. Every business must be given time and effort, do thorough research and about the products and services being procured. Writing an appropriate simple business plan and looking for the right sources of funds is an […]

Basics of GST: Tips to Prepare GST tax invoice

Goods and services tax is one of the different tax reforms in the history of independent India. The government has launched GST portal for existing VAT, service tax, and excise taxpayers for smooth transition system. GST is one of the indirect tax on the supply of goods and services from the manufacturer to consumer.   GST […]

Top 5 Tax Deductions For The Self Employed

Owning a business brings new challenges every day. These also bring rewards for you as a business owner. Incurring expenses puts constant pressure on business finances. There are ways for business tax deductions to save oneself from being charged extra for taxes.

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Purchase Order: Component of Effective Inventory Management

Purchasing is considered to be the most important activity for a large number of business owners. The effective purchasing function lets you decide on the specification of your product or service to gain consistent, reliable, clear communication on your purchase. The failure on it reduces costs and raise quality. The businesses can direct definite strategies […]