5 Enterprise Mobility Trends

Modern technology has revolutionized the way we live and it’s effect on the enterprise is even more. Enterprises are changing their work processes rapidly. Continuously changing consumer preferences has forced companies to adapt to this change. The increasing need of customers for smart and fast services have made the companies to modernize their business techniques and approach. This has not only helped organizations in meeting customer demands on time but have enhanced their work quality too.

Here are top 5 ongoing trends in enterprise mobility that may help you in your business –

Enterprise Mobility Trends

Businesses Are Adapting CYOD Policy

At first, because of inability to update the OS regularly, on their devices, companies implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy where the employees bring their own device to work. Although, this enhances productivity but also has high security risks attached to it. So, now many companies are switching to Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) policy. According to this policy, the company allows the employee to choose the device they want to work on and since they are provided by the company, they come prepacked with security settings.

Native And Context Aware Apps

Many businesses these days are looking for native and context aware apps. These types of apps gives the clients what they want right at the time of their need. A context aware app studies customer behaviour and gives the primary results accordingly. Moreover, the native app enhances the user experience with it’s fast performance and safety assurance.

Smart-phones And Tablets Are Becoming The New Laptops

The new age of technology continues to improve smart-phones and tablets. These devices are becoming much smarter and faster with every day and after the launch of Microsoft Office for iOS and android, their use has increased at workplaces. Their light weight, easy of mobility and flexibility to work from everywhere are qualities that are making companies to encourage their use.

Increasing Use Of Cloud Technology

With increasing number of web enabled devices, cloud technology is rising up as an extremely beneficial aspect for many business processes. It allows the employees and owner to connect with their work from anywhere. It has eased up the process of sharing documents with colleagues and has enhanced the security and backup of important work.

Wearable Technology Is Gaining Recognition In Business

Wearables usage is rising in an enterprise. These wearables allocate tasks to the wearer, forecast their completion time, quantifies the movement of employees and provide necessary information about the allotted tasks, etc. With a host of advantages, wearable technology helps in increasing the productivity of an organization and improves their time management skills.

Enterprise mobility is no longer an alternative, but a business necessity. To get more business success in the future, companies need to understand these trends and act accordingly. These technologies optimize the ongoing business processes and give competitive advantage. Whether a business is starting out new or growing an existing architecture, they need to learn the concept of enterprise mobility and take necessary steps for the same.


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