5 Ways To Measure Productivity

Managing and measuring productivity in the organization is critical to business success. Here are some useful tips.

Level of Micromanagement

To measure and improve the level of team productivity, the business owner must keep a track of the level of micromanagement within teams. Some managers feel that employees need to be managed on a daily basis. This hampers their productivity as well as team productivity. One way of reducing the level of micromanagement is to create a culture of delegating more authority to employees besides maintaining accountability in the long run. This also builds motivation within teams to perform better.  Closely monitoring tasks and the time spent on them helps in creating such a culture.

Team Productivity


Tracking Time Spent On Meetings

Meetings are a way to build team culture and help in better understanding of the upcoming tasks. Sometimes teams end up having too many of these never ending meetings which hampers productivity.  Analyzing and optimizing the total time spent by teams on such meetings becomes very useful. As a business owner one can keep a limit on such activities. One can analyze and measure productivity within the organization by tracking and evaluating this time.

Tracking Employee and Team Productivity

Creating time bound goals for employees as well as teams, helps in measuring productivity at both the levels. The goals can be set with respect to tasks as well as deliverable in terms of the output achieved.  These can be evaluated on a weekly or a monthly basis. Reviewing  the goals achieved and having motivational sessions on a regular basis helps improving productivity at both levels.

Tracking Process Productivity

The right processes are essential for improving team productivity in the organization. Processes should be tracked for any unnecessary steps and time consuming activities that may hinder efficiency. Reviewing and measuring process productivity is essential. Processes should be revised according to the changes in the business environment and activities. This could be a 6 monthly or an yearly review depending on the business vertical. Processes should encourage team collaboration with the help of suitable online tools.

Creating Specialists

Productivity is fostered by creating specialist roles for employees in the organization. Knowing what each employee can do best helps in delegating the right tasks and goals to teams and individuals.  Measuring productivity should involve evaluation of tasks and re-assigning of tasks which are less suited for that staff member.

The above methods of measuring productivity can be applied using the right online tools. Invoicera is helpful in tracking time, tasks and productivity of teams and individuals.



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