Facebook’s Redesigned News Feed Promises Better Business Engagement

Here, Facebook is on its way to be the ‘best personalized newspaper in the world’, if Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook is to be believed. For business and brands, what does it denote? We’ll talk about it in this post.




Back on Thursday, at Menlo Park, California headquarters, Facebook unveiled the News Feed redesign, much to the delight of its users and advertisers that were tired of dealing with the cluttered news feed before. The new Facebook news feed boasts a clearer and a much bigger picture, which brings me to the first advancement of this update. Have a read –



Precise News Feed and Better Visibility


The news feed looks much better and with some room for breathing space; one of the most significant changes being the size of the image, which is much larger in size as compared to the previous news feed. Businesses can look up to this as an opportunity to have better visual presence over Facebook.


There’s also an option for users to personalize their news feed. For example, if you are a movie buff, you can direct your news feed to exactly look that way. You will see everything related, including the flicks your friends have liked or recently saw.


There’s yet another feature that allows you to have photos all around your news feed. You just need to click on the photo feed option. Or if you intended to only see what your friends have been up to, or what are they doing, you can set your profile up that way too. Zuckerberg don’t want you to miss out on any chance now, giving you all the options possible.


A Better Attempt to User Engagement


A thumbs up to this one. You know why, the timing obviously. Two recent changes in quick succession, the previous one being the Facebook’s Graph Search Feature; Facebook is back in the game. Businesses that were losing interest are right back in it. Despite its undisputed reign in the social media kingdom, Facebook will continue to sustain engagement from its peers like Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.



The fact that it still would allow content from third party apps, might just be able to keep people at its banks.


It’s an important step from Facebook’s point of view, considering the period of sabbatical that urges out of lack of interest, or absence of something new. It’s good that Facebook is trying to keep-up with the ongoing demands and trends.


At the other end, Instagram is up and trending, although Facebook owns it, yet calls it a competitor. Though, it isn’t monetized with ads as such yet. Now, the big questions is, will Facebook’s change uplift the morale of those that religiously follow its footsteps?


Well, although it looks pretty clear by now, yet it would be way too early to comment on that. We’ll have to wait and see. Stay connected !

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