How Facebook’s Graph Search Would Affect Small Business Owners





This past Tuesday, Facebook decided to launch its latest ‘Graphic Search’, gently sending shivers down Google’s spine. The news broke when nothing new was really was expected from Facebook, considering that it recently did some tweaks to its features and interface.


Coming back to the ‘Graphic Search’, the previous search didn’t match Facebook levels at all. It was way below par. We know Facebook is well-equipped, in terms of social media news, and data in the world, but it rarely responds to a descriptive search. For example, “accountants in my city” search may return with garbage or nothing at all. Disappointing, isn’t it?


Now, the launch of ‘Graphic Search’ has infused a new meaning to its search. Searches like “best hang out zone my friends visit in my city” or “invoicing applications my colleagues use” will return results. However, the long tail keyword you put in, should be co-related with things that Facebook revolves around, such as places, people, interests, photos, and regions.


Alarm Bell for Small Business Owners?


Let’s see what effect this feature would have on small businesses. Here are some tidbits-


– Clearly, the new search feature is directed towards the mass, i.e. people that use it. Surprisingly  the search has got a lot to do with businesses that want to be found and increase their fan base/ reach.
This addition to Facebook rubs shoulder with small businesses and urges them to create a Facebook fan page as early as possible. This would automatically increase their chances of being sought with millions of people looking for the same products or services everyday. Although, the feature is still in ‘beta’ mode, nothing in particular can be said about it.
– However, one thing is for sure, small businesses have this goldust in their hands. They now have more chances of being visible making use of the overall functionality of Facebook. A complete profile would attract more visits.
Likes would now be given more stress. The more likes you have, the better will be your visibility, needless to mention that content will continue to reign. Having said that, Facebook ads might just see a sudden rush as everybody would want to be seen on the top. Again, it can be thought-about as Facebook’s new strategy to earn a fortune. Nevertheless, it may force businesses to re-think their budgets and other spending.
Target oriented search would encourage marketing at a big level. The scope obviously have been widened. So, you might bump into a new lead with your long-tail search or add staff to your team. Some new experiments with the search could also lead to meaningful results. Watch out for this new Facebook wonder. It might just take you to new heights.


Since, Facebook’s ‘Graphic Search’ option is still to be completely uncovered, there’s a lot left to discover. Come few weeks, and we all will be in a better position to comprehend it. While we wait for the Facebook’s Great Graphic Search, your insights would be highly appreciated.
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