Learnings from Galaxy Note 7 Failure !

At first, Galaxy Note 7 seemed to appear one of the hottest devices in town that would be expected to fight the iPhone.

But now with an unexpected explosion led to recall all note 7 units. The risk of malfunction and fire have led to permanently discontinue the production and hence stopping the sales.

Samsung announced the replacement models to be safe. But, In recent days several replacement phones also appeared to catch fire.

galaxy note 7 explosion

The explanation on what went wrong with the original and the replacements are to be known.

Manufacturing issues:

The batteries made by Samsung SDI appear to be faulty. These appear too large with the availability of the phone. Installing them could lead to the corners leading to the overheating or potentially a fire.

The batteries replaced with Amperex technology failed to fix the issue.  The ATL batteries witness the similar manufacturing defects leading the devices to be affected. Thus Samsung had no choice but to pull the plug.

Fast charging batteries:

The fast charging feature of the battery brings explosions of Galaxy Note 7. The demand of high charging speed leads to the tweaks made in the processor which in turn leads to explosions.


The looks of the Galaxy Note 7’s lead to explosions.  The symmetrical curvature of the phone bragged up with exerted pressure on battery packs eventually led to dangerous fires.

Though, the investigation is taking place, failure to correct a problem have permanently halted production and sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

This led to recall 2.5 million Note 7s shortly.

Many customers are confused on replacement offers so as to swap Galaxy Note 7 with the new device or get your money back. But still the question remain unanswered.

This Concludes a total hit of  $9.5 billion in sales wiping the profit of $5.1 billion.

galaxy note 7 fire

What business should learn ?

  • – A successful beta testing can provide the proper understanding of the product’s real world usage
  • – Check the product flaws on where, when, what and how the product can result.
  • – Consider consumers safety first. Understand the customer values and priorities to get you excellent results.
  • – Make steps to mitigate the risks of failure from the deployment to a development process. Battery problem in Galaxy Note 7 resulted in serious injury on fires due to lack of product testing
  • – Sometimes the last minute changes are demanded to the product. Do not expect to change your design or add any new features that could lead to failure of product.

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