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Top 10 Advantages of Integrated Time Tracking and Billing

There are various tools in the market that help you track time spent on a particular project and gauge employee productivity. And there are tools that help you invoice your clients online and get paid on time.  The advantages of online time tracking are many and same goes for online invoicing.  As a business owner, one is looking out for tools which can help with integrated functionalities, to ease out the business process and build efficiency in the organisation. Suppose you found a tool that helped you to track time and bill clients for the hours worked on the project.

Here are some key advantages of using a web application that has got integrated time tracking and billing features.


  1. As a consultant or a small business owner, you are looking for tools that will help you save time. An integrated tool saves time that may otherwise be spent in hunting for and choosing another one.
  2. An integrated time tracking and billing application helps you get paid accurately for the work, you have done. One can send invoices for the smallest of the tasks and bill them to the client.
  3. Billing for projects on an hourly basis, becomes really simple with integrated time tracking and billing. One can track the hours worked on a project and send out a single project invoice.
  4. Sharing time sheet reports with the client along with invoices becomes much simpler with an integrated invoicing system. This helps maintain transparency in the project and improving the supplier-vendor relationship.
  5. An integrated time billing system allows a business owner to track the profitability of a project with respect to the productivity. Detailed time tracking and payment reports make this analysis a simple process.
  6. A billing system with integrated time tracking allows faster processing of invoices and payments. Since timesheets can be directly converted to invoices, the process is much faster and helps in early realisation of bills.
  7. Sending detailed time tracking reports helps in reduction of invoice disputes, since the client knows the exact status of the work in progress.
  8. An integrated system helps in deploying fewer resources for managing the time tracking and billing process. This saves the business, both time and money.
  9. A system like this helps in improving the delivery time of the project. Since the project is planned and tracked in a better way, it can be delivered on time as well.
  10. An integrated system helps in managing scope of the project, easily. It helps in planning a definite project scope and working within the same according to client expectations.

invoicera time tracking software

Invoicera is an integrated online time tracking and billing solution. The tool provides integrated task and project management as well. It is an ideal solution of Digital Agencies, Consultants and Photographers. Invoicera helps with better management of online invoices and productivity of a project, at the same time. It also offers customized invoicing solutions for enterprises helping them to improve process productivity, many times over.



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