12 Useful Guidelines: What To Do When Your Freelance Business is Slow

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  • Jul 26, 2011
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Like other occupations, freelancing is also believed as one of the finest professions to go for these days. Functioning as a freelancer is very different from being engaged as there are many risks to face, but on the other hand there are also numerous great benefits. On the whole as a freelancer you will in fact be advertising your skills and time in order to get currency in return. But it takes a long time to get up a stable and large number of clients and projects. Succeeding as a freelancer takes a lot from anyone and you require the skills to acclimatize.

As it is a reality that every business takes some time to achieve success. Many times your clients need you to labor more in some periods and then you barely have anything for you to do during summer or holidays. If you just sit around feeling like a breakdown or distressing about the future once you have some days with no work, you will spoil a lot for yourself. As a replacement, you should have a list of things which you can perform to take benefit of the time to get things completed.

Here are 12 useful tips for you to utilize your time in such slow days and dry times.

1. Contact Recent Clients


This tip is one of the tips that many freelancers don’t remember, but those who memorize it frequently accomplish something. Get in touch with the clients you have worked for in the earlier period. Several times this contact from you reminds them of things they have that require to be done. They will also most likely adore the truth that you memorize them and then you can get some projects from them.

2. Build Plans for the Future

No doubt occasionally some fortunate people get chance at once to get advantage out of it. But fortune doesn’t support every person at the time he or she wants. So it is better to take protective actions in a mode that each one of us should strive to figure out that what he/she desires to do in his future. Planning is very essential to be flourishing in one’s life, since it gives you direction someway that where you should exploit your skills.

3. Update Your Own Blog/Website

This is such an action which needs to be completed if you have your own blog/website. If you want fresh clients, it is significant that they see your updates on your website sporadically. Additionally, many absent things which you thought on one occasion to include in your site/blog to make it more attractive but could not because of less time. So you should take the benefit of your dry times to update your blog/website with some new stuff.

4. Enhance Your Skills

It is a truth that no one is perfect in this world, although you may have proficiency and capabilities in you but still there is a room for enhancement. So in your dry times you can enhance your skills by going through internet, reading journals, watching videos related to your work so that you can get different and inventive thoughts which you can employ in future in your freelancing work

5. Go Through Your Finances

Make certain that each and everything is up to date concerning your invoices, tactics, investments and bills. This also means building conclusions associated to your current dry time. Do overall evaluations of the present circumstances to observe if you have to deposit more into reserves to cover up for times like these.

6. Have a Look at Your Overall Efficiency

Look at past objectives and observe if you have achieved them or not. You should discover new program and practices to work even more proficient.

7. Update Your Portfolio

Creating a portfolio of your freelance work and then keep on updating it is one of the most vital tasks you should carry out. Unfortunately, very few freelancers create and update their portfolios since they find this process of updating terrifying. Make sure that your portfolio is up-to-date with your finest and fresh projects. It is always a good initiative to demonstrate that you are multitalented as well. So, make use of your dry times to get the definite updating done if possible.

8. Work on Personal Projects

If are not getting work on a regular basis, then you not need to be anxious about. In your dry days, you can start working on some projects of your personal interest and then you can get them publish on various sites and can earn good amount with that. Moreover, you can also include this thing in your portfolio which can explain that you are multi-talented.

9. Look at Your Promotion Strategies

Discover new and innovative ways to endorse yourself. Make an effort to imagine a bit dissimilar from what you have done earlier. Make sure you are characterized in social media; you can make some offers, attempt new methods of promotion. Have a look at the currency you have exhausted in selling yourself and make a decision if you think this is adequate. May be you can accomplish some modification here for the here for the upcoming that will assist you to acquire more compensated projects all through the entire year.

10. Work on Long-Time Projects

At times, you might get a lot of work to be completed on short notice, because of which it gets complicated for you to complete the long terms projects which you have already got with deadlines. So in such dry days, you get a good chance to complete such kind of long projects which will keep you active.

11. Try to Target on Potential Niches

It is a fact that a person typically employs less than 10% of his ability to imagine and to utilize his intelligence. This means that if an individual can discover the right enlightenment or support, then there are a lot of opportunities for more originality and thoughts. You can read other peoples blogs/websites and find out what they execute. Maybe you then understand that there are other things which can be a part of what you put forward to your clients. The brainstorming practice around this can be very rewarding in several means.

12. Participate in Forums/Message boards

There are thousands of forums/message boards related to freelancing, finances design etc available over the internet. By registering on these and interpretation up on things, you can get some guidelines from others who are or have been in the same condition as you are right now.

So after going through the above useful tips, you can conclude that it is not that much hard to spend your dry times proficiently while working as a freelancer.


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