5 New Year’s Resolutions for your Business

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  • Jan 4, 2013
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Taking a pledge this New Year?

What’s it going to be? Aren’t you tired of resolving to shed a few extra pounds, or be nice to your peers? Or revive your wardrobe?

Too much individualistic, isn’t it? Let’s keep personal things aside for sometime and resolve to better your business in 2013 and do a word of good to your passion. No, it’s not that tough than you think. Actually, it could be much easier than you think it is. All you need to do is to pay heed to the below mentioned points and position your business in a better state this New Year –



Save more, Waste less


We’ve all been brought up hearing this at almost every step. Perhaps. it’s now the right time to follow the saying. Save as much as you can in terms of money, power, resources, electricity consumption, especially paper. Actually, there’s a lot you can do to do a bit for the environment by saving paper. Make use of online applications, instead.  Consider embedding discount coupons in your mailers so that your customers can easily scan the code from a mobile device. Discourage the use of print coupons.


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Stay up on social networks


Having business presence on a social media without a plan is like food without spice. It won’t reap any fruit until it isn’t there to serve a purpose. Even if you aren’t able to really burn it up on a social network, take a step back and try hands on other peer sites. Since, the motive is to gain maximum exposure and spread awareness about your company, you should never drop the idea of having a social profile. Instead, try and formulate new strategies considering the target audience, apply them and measure your performance. Once you are able to build good rapport with the client, conversion will happen.
If you have been away from the social arena, it’s high time you must enter to compete.


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Involve with the real world


It’s as important to have an active physical business involvement with the outside world, as the presence on social mediums. Social networks portray a disguised image of your company. However, real life presence is what matters the most to a business. Involvement in related communities is a must. Engage more, find related services and represent your brand. And this is what you should look to conquer this year, if you haven’t already.


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Work Smart


Don’t slog yourself too much into work. Keep it light. Give your professional life a miss when necessary. Work hard, but smart. Automate your business this year with tools that increase productivity and reduce work pressure. For example – Instead of hiring a reception attendant, get an auto-receptionist system.


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Get the ball rolling


What else are you thinking? Do all your pending tasks, leave procrastination behind. Move to a larger area, hire a new team member, double the clientele list. Jot down your goals, pin them on walls where you can always see them. Cross them once accomplished. Do everything that you want to, for your business. Just get the ball rolling this New Year.


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And if you are pretty serious about pledging and having your resolutions come true, do also read Business to do List: A New Year perspective, because you can’t afford to leave any stone unturned.


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