5 Habits Every Business Owner Must Adopt To Become More Lucrative in 2012

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  • Feb 23, 2012
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The number of self determined, motivated entrepreneurs and working professionals have been on a rise now. In the present time, any new and innovative idea gets its due. However, the business cannot grow on the idea alone. They need to be adequately backed up with highly motivated business force, fair and judicious corporate ethics and a strong personality and character of the brain working behind it all.

It may get a bit overwhelming and over powering for the working professionals to deal with the fast pitched and highly capricious and competitive business world and at the same time maintain a high standards and quality both internally and externally.

Here we enumerate 5 fundamental attributes and habits a business professional must inculcate in their personality, in order to confound, tackle and work along the demanding nature of the business environment. And we are not offering any wisdom which is out of the world. These are all little pieces of wisdom and knowledge that in our hearts we are all aware of, but with time we let them slip away somewhere under the covers. Have a look to know more.

1. Setting a Superior Goal

A goal has to be challenging enough in order to extract the best out of you and the team working under you. Recollect the starting days, when your company was afresh and anew. It was hard to earn the trust of the customers. Soon with high spirited labor and hard work you started getting clients. 10 customers, than 20 customers, so on and so forth. Now you may find yourself fixated at 65 customers for a month and as per your strategy, a total of 200 customers each month would help elevate the business up to great heights.

Your goal should not be 200 then, but you should be challenged to acquire 500 customers for a month. Plan the activities and resources well and expand the business to win and cater to 500 more customers. If with each of the successful endeavors, you only let yourself get inspired to achieve something superior and concrete, than there will be nothing to stop you. Remember, the world makes way for those who know where they are going.

2. Get a Hold of Things

Most of the entrepreneurs are kings of strategy making and planning, but they often feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable, when it comes to understanding the little technical details of the strategy that they have planned.

For instance, you have now decided on to earning 500 customers this month, and have approved the online marketing means to achieve the same. You understand that owning a fully functional website is a better off solution than making the irritating cold calls. Hence, you have a web developer helping you with the on page optimization of your web page, and you have also hired a part time resource to market your website and products on social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + etc.

The next thing you should do now, is learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization yourself. A website needs high search engine rankings to draw in more business. Doing the elementary level course in SEO does not mean you would do directory submissions and link building yourself. Of course you can hire people for the same, but having a clear cut understanding, and yes a first hand knowledge of the systems and processes, will help you gauge the performance, fill in the slip ends and conduct the entire process smoothly, like an expert.

3. Switch on the Frugal Inside of You

Switch on the frugal inside of you, in case yo have not until now. As a working professional or a business man, we are all guided by a basic instinct towards attaining the more value out of every single penny that we spend. And not that you are more informed and learned, make sure that you adequately analyze which ever way your money is going.

For instance you have spend $500 dollars on the banner advertisements of your website, however the customer that you received previous month could be an outcome of word of mouth publicity (all credit goes to you, by the way!)

Thus, it is important that to you examine where exactly your money is going and what is the outcome of the same. Do not simply let your money slip in displaying advertisements in glamorous and shiny websites, instead invest on those areas that promises a high return.

4. Pay Attention to What They Whisper

Mostly, the businesses and professionals fails to pay the due attention to the little signs which the customers give. That is why you must listen to what they whisper and not just say. There may be a possibility that your customers are still paying you and you may confuse it with a loyal customer base!

What you must do is get in touch with your customers every now and then. Ask what better you can do to serve them and what additional do they want for their money.

Also, these days the growth in social networking and social media in colossal. Thus play close attention to what is being said about your brand and business offering on the Internet. Develop a learned and skilled staff to take over the social networking sites and handle customer grievances, if at all they exist, effectively.

5. Take a Break and Rejuvenate

Surely there has to be a thousand miles which you must cover before calling it a day. However, at times we are so much driven by self motivation and the passion to succeed, that we end up over burning and completely exhausting ourselves. One of the sign of over exhaustion if you planning on quitting the job. Take a break instead.

Just like a wood cutter needs to sharpen his Axe time and again, you also need to take a break and rejuvenate yourself.

The break can mean a vacation to some and can also mean doing a course or attending an entrepreneurial growth and development seminar. The focus should be on resting and rejuvenating, and not on procrastinating.

Old habits sure die hard, but if you fight away the comforts of the known and familiar, to inculcate the above mentioned habits in your daily routine, they will become a co terminus part of your personality and soon you would begin to dwell on the same.


Veronika Tondon is a business enthusiast with extensive experience in Invoicing & Payment Process. She has 6+ years of experience in Invoicera, the leading cloud-based invoicing solution as Invoicing Consultant. Sound knowledge in business process execution, offers end to end solutions for complete automation of business processes and AR/AP processes. Contact Veronica for your invoicing requirement.

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