Eco-friendly business trends for 2011: Make profits, abolish debts

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  • Feb 18, 2011
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There are certain trends that you can follow when you’re starting up a business. That way, you not only save the environment but you also make profits. Just try to follow the trends given below so that you can start up and run a business based on them:

1. Go virtual

You may not be able to do without paper and pen. But if you can stop using them, you can really save money a lot. Try to use Google docs and spreadsheets to keep all your data intact. That way, you save on paper and pen and can also make a lot of profits. If you can manage a digital office, you can surely save dollars and cents and also pay off your debts faster than your thought. Your work flow will also be better and will reap better reports.

2. Fresh air inside
You may need to have fresher air inside as the office is an enclosed area. Instead of using an air purifier in the office, you may use plants which are good for air circulation and help you breathe fresher. These air purifiers only consume a lot of energy and you may have to pay huge electricity bills. So, instead of using these things, use small plants that can ensure your and your employees’ health in the office.

3. Advertising through social networking websites
You would need to advertise your products to the world so that people come to know about them and buy them. There are a lot of social networking websites that take messages faster than manual power. Get help from these websites so that you can manage to earn well as well as save quite a lot on other resources. Your consumers will surely follow you and that’ll help you solve a lot of problems of getting popularity for your products. Try to work out ways in which you can make this sort of advertisement work in your favor.

4. Save on electricity as much as possible
If you want to become green while working in the office, you can do so by going green and saving on your electricity consumption. Try to use daylight as much as possible because it’s surely the greenest way to work in office. This will help you save a lot on electricity. Also whenever possible, try to switch off your computers so that you can save that electricity and you’ll see that your machines work in a much better way than before. Use energy efficient lights and bulbs so that you can save money on them too. They’ll be good for the environment and will help you reduce global warming.

You may also make provisions for people to work from home. That way, they can save on commuting to office everyday and you can save on office space. That’ll help you make more profits, pay off debts and less pollute the environment.

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