How to Think Out Of The Box ?

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  • Dec 3, 2012
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One fine day, I was sitting in a meeting room, wondering why is there a need to think out of the box. The very next moment, few gentlemen arrived, while I was still trapped between my own thought bubbles. The person on my left pointed to the one on his extreme left and said- ‘I’ll start with you. Suggest me an idea inspired by the word ‘creativity’.



The person on the left is none other than my boss, the founder of our enterprise. His move was understandable! In no time, the team got indulged in the discussion. Kind of unusual, but this distinguished environment was created to make them kick off their thinking machines. Entrepreneurs really have to be one step ahead. Obviously, it ain’t a one man’s army. Putting the entire team up for something uncommon was the motto.


He felt the need to put this up since ideas were running dry and something fresh was needed, literally. Repetitions had made us stale and this was an initiative to find the right path. Stepping out of the comfort zone had become more than just necessary.


It happens! Humans are often eluded by creativity due to their accustomedness to certain norms and beliefs. So, in process to refresh things, the discussion started off there itself in the meeting room, minutes after I had begun a little introspection.


The discussion went on, nearly transformed into an argument, but it seemed positive this time. We went back to our respective workstations afterwards and I probably got an answer to my thoughts. Let me share a few things with you now:


– Feel Free – Trust me, you feel best when you are free. Though, it doesn’t mean you go out of the league. When I say feel free, I mean feel free to set your own parameters and have an idea of where it would be best to apply your efforts.

Scrap the first thought, brainstorm again, ask questions. Let’s say if you were to prepare a new sales strategy, you could start listing things you can do to involve the crowd. Pen down your thoughts.


– Get Inspired – Look for inspiration around. Inspiration comes from every corner of the world. Your brain often makes connections with certain unusual stuff. The point is to make yourself comfortable and adaptable to every situation.


– Go for quantity, definitely not fluff – Come, what, may. Let them come in any form, in any existence, in any state. You must not consider ‘faff’ ( nonsense stuff) , talk sense. Put your internal editor in sleeping mode. Talk to people for ideas, make conversations, re-invent the entire seemigly tired thought process. You’ll soon see a shimmer of energy within.


And, before the meeting ended, we got about 200 ideas. Most of them were really appealing! That night, I went off to sleep with some peace of mind…


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