Need to Discover Your Motivation Before Starting up with your Business

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  • Oct 29, 2011
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The beginning of a business venture is marked with a lot of enthusiasm and boisterous zeal. Entrepreneurs while starting a new business may feel a variety of emotions including passion, excitement and impatience. Waiting seems to be a hard thing to do and now that we have a brilliant business idea and have successfully allocated all the resources all we want to do is to “get set and go.” It is hard to lower down the speed of our passion and take a step by step route, especially when some of the steps are tedious. But the Wiseman believes it’s necessary to take time and identify what really motivates us, prior to starting a business.

The Consequences of not Understanding your Motivation

Motivation basically defines your purpose and the driving force behind your undertakings. In the absence of motivation it will be extremely difficult to stay focused and determined, especially under unfriendly circumstances, which by the way erupts out more often than one could think of.

You need to have a sense of purpose behind doing what you are doing, so as to keep yourself pushing beyond the regular level of endurance. Motivation prevents you from giving up especially when the business is quite demanding and things don’t work out in your favor in the beginning.

Discovering Your Motivation

Self introspection can lead to discovering your own motivation. Before starting up the business venture, ask yourself why you are doing whatever you are doing, are you ready to give whatever it takes to do what you want, and why, what do you expect to gain out of it. This will help you stay focused and calm during the desperate times.

This step can take a bit of a time and can be a bit confusing, especially if you haven’t thought about it yet. Also understand that a motivator is not a one fixed thing. There could be several things which might be the plausible motivating factors. The key is to understand the most crucial and important amongst them all.

Make use of the list below to discover possible motivations and determine what has the biggest impact on you and your desire to accomplish something.

  • Money: Is wealth, paying off debts, or living expensively a motivator for you?
  • Credibility: Do you look at this business as a way to solidify your trustworthiness or establish yourself as an expert
  • Passion: Does love for what you do give you the fight to be capable to work through the challenges?
  • Consequences: Are you scared of what may happen if you don’t start a business and become successful?
  • Society: Are you driven by the desire to solve a common problem or improve the lives of others?
  • Expectations: Do you worry about fulfilling the requirements of others or what others will think about you if you fail? What are your expectations for yourself?
  • Pride: Pride in yourself and your work can be a powerful motivator for many. Is it for you?
  • Family: Are you building an inheritance which you can pass down to your children? Are you starting a business to support or honor your family in some way?

Motivation to your Rescue

Once you are aware of your motivation, you are completely prepared to take the giant step of stating up the business. You are anchored and are not ready to take stern decision and push beyond the limits. Knowing your motivation gives you a sense of direction and clarity and you are unlikely to lose it even in the difficult times.

The moment you discover your motivation, it will come to your rescue and will give you immense self confidence to turn your idea into a successful reality.


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