Starting a Part-Time Business: A Beginner’s Guide

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  • Jul 30, 2014
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A wise man once said, “If Plan-A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters! Stay cool.” If you aren’t able to make enough money from your day job, then one of the best options for you is to start a part-time business. Initiating a part-time business is a profitable business and the potential return on investment and total income is as rewarding as a full-time entrepreneurship. It may lead to the reduction of numerous financial risks that are associated with capitalism along with the constant generation of income and simultaneous gains from your full time job.

Part Time Business Tips

Now, for people who aren’t easily convinced about starting a part-time business; we give you six reasons why it is a great thing to begin with a part-time business.


  • Everyone has at one point or the other, cursed themselves for getting into a field that does not fascinate them at all. Kicking off a part-time business is definitely the only way-out to safely experiment with your career. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. You shall never be able to figure out the potential of your knowledge in the field you love. By using your opportunity to start a part-time business, you can easily convert your passion into your career without involving any major risks.

  • Another reason is your chance to utilize your education, skill and experience in the most appropriate way. There are a number of people across the globe who spend close to six-figures on the education which eventually doesn’t prove to be of much use in their full-time job. With the help of a part-time business, you can easily stay engrossed in your envisioned field while continuing with your practical experience in the current job.

  • The best part about a side business is that you needn’t shift to a new location for the set-up. Because you are the brains behind the core working of your business, it is highly scalable and practical. The major decisions about the size of clientele, the extent and accessibility of the services are all on your call.

  • With statistics suggesting that there are about 17 million self-employed professionals in the U.S.; and the community of these freelancers and independent contractors mostly include the creative minds that deal in knowledge-based fields like sales and consultancy firms. The manual fields like construction also include many individuals who work independently.

  • The extent of a part-time business is limitless. There is an extremely bright chance that you may get to “keep” your job. According to latest studies, there is huge possibility that 40 per cent of the current working population may end up as independent workers by the end of the decade.

  • Good things come in small-packages. With ingredients like persistence, hard-work and determination, you can expand your small-scale side business into a large-scale full-time enterprise with a turnover of millions. History suggests that the greatest entrepreneurs, have all evolved their small-scale businesses into a colossal empire with strong willpower and grit.

There wouldn’t be any single person on the planet who would mind a few extra pennies by working independently to fulfill their dreams. If the above reasons are sufficient to have you convinced, let us take dig deeper and dwell into analyzing a few tips and instructions before establishing your business.


Initiating a part-time business and sustaining it, can be quite a challenging task. You must understand that there may be a numbers of bumps on the road to success when you start a venture all by yourself. Whatever the reason may be, whether it is just to generate some extra cash or a seed that you sow, hoping to make it big in the industry; here are a few helpful tips that shall guide you to set out on your journey of a successful part-time business.


1. Be Aware of The Feasibility of Your Venture and Understand Your Investment:

Although the name is ‘part-time’, yet you need to be fully committed to make it successful. However, you must realize that your full-time job shouldn’t suffer. One may tend to get exhausted by working day and night throughout the entire week; apart from your energy investment, you must analyze your return on the finances invested and then continue with it, wisely.

2. Time Management:

Time Management

You must be able to balance your part-time business with your full-time job. For the clients you will work on their terms and schedule, and not yours. You might require a software to ease your tasks. These days there are a lot of software like Invoicera, offering time management and online invoicing services; which could be of great help for you to manage things properly.


3. Get Assistance From Your Family And Friends:

Devoting extra-time for your work may leave you less or no time to interact with your friends and family and that will in turn affect your relationship with them.


4. Get A Wise Coach:

Procrastination is the assassination of opportunity. The best way to stay motivated is with the help and guidance of a proficient coach. That way, you would let either of your work suffer because of your laziness.


5. Never, Never, Never Give Up:

Always remember that failures are part of life. If you don’t fail, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn, you would never grow.


Greatness comes to those who try, so you must always put in your best efforts and keep trying until your goal is achieved.


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