The Future of Procure to Pay

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  • Oct 7, 2014
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Off late, many business organizations have clearly understood that co-ordinating between departments in a structured format has become quite difficult. They can no more operate in a well-defined format, as the complexity also has improved proportionally. Such lack of coordinated process can make the business decline. Hence it is vital that each department involved in the work-flow not only understands properly, the benefits that they are contributing, but also they are at par with the business objectives as expected. In such a close interaction between accounts payable and procurement team, Procure to Pay process gets enabled through handful collaboration.

In a nutshell, Procure to Pay would involve electronic procurement and payables solutions that would help to manage the overall business process that includes all levels starting from procurement to payment and settlement. The past few quarters have been rigorously vouching for Procure to Pay systems. While the economy is still recovering, general business trends have shown a shift towards technology. The reason being they are easier and also help in delivering quick results which are tangible. More usage of technology means more money is being gathered and also helps to save unwanted costs and thereby cut down operational costs.

The business procurement process is all set to follow common buyer procurement platforms. This will be enabled with thorough use of technology which is surely more intelligent and that which makes use of multiple dimensions of information to drive trending patterns towards better attractive business deals. In this way, the business management team will be able to take purchase decisions within the shortest span of time. Thus Procure to Pay stands as a vital factor in achieving results that would hold good for future of business. These automated systems can confidently benchmark majority of savings per payment over manual procedures. This lone aspect is crucial enough for enterprises to use automated Procure to Pay systems.

The Procure to Pay system heavily relies on business profits, and are able to keep a close trace of what’s happening with the money spent for business, and can finally help to regain the lost profits. Procure to Pay systems serve as a methodology to assess the level of risk and tactical uncertainty related with specific procurement needs and help to select business contract types according to the assessments. This would be in relation to staff hour contracts, operational contracts; all these scenarios cater to those situations where there is clear uncertainty in understanding meaningful requirements. These systems also help in negating the risks associated with non-competitive operational contracts via limiting contract lengths, use of outsourcing partners for daily operations and by way of ensuring cost effectiveness.

By making use of professional services of Procure to Pay to protect business can truly benefit in impressive ways. Such an automated system can help to offer a better hint on how the money is being used by business, making the functional statistics very transparent at all levels. Procure to Pay systems can help to review commercial records, and ensure that money is not being overly spent and is on part with needs. Also, such process specialists can perform an audit, analyzing all business transactions and notify on unwanted expenditures.  With the increase in value over data and information related to cash, it is vital for businesses to have a standardized remittance format like Procure to Pay systems to ensure better delivery of account settlements. This would help to align with the backend procedures.


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