Top 8 Productivity Ideas That Work Well for Your Business

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  • Jul 13, 2011
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All flourishing business owners depend on productivity, whether it is from their staff members or from themselves. Improving business productivity is essential to run a business easily as productivity is one of the main ingredients that can win a competitive advantage for your business.

Is your business suffering from low productivity? If it is so, you will have to vigilantly watch your business activities as improper business activities are main reason for low business productivity. The more productive you are, the more money you will earn.

You don’t need to be nervous about your low business productivity, since in this article we are going to explain some essential tips that will definitely assist you to improve and sustain your business productivity.

1.  Improved Communication

If you want to improve your business productivity, then you will have to construct a healthier working environment that should be profitable for your productivity. Open communication with your employees will assist you a lot in making it achievable. Employees should be given an opportunity to give their suggestion and thoughts associated to matters like working strategies, procedures etc. When you will engage your employees in your business matters, they will feel that their ideas are being invested in the success of your company and this will motivate them to work more professionally and efficiently.

2. Have an Action Plan

Without an action plan, if you are trying to hit a moving target, then you will not succeed. You should always set up goals in all areas of your business from promotion to sales to leadership and management to expansion and modernization. Try to make sure that you energetically and constantly work on action plan each week which will make simpler to carry out your tasks properly.

3. Prioritizing

When you make a record of what you need to get things done, always give priority to those tasks that will make you to achieve your goal for the day. Never feel troubled by projects that you haven’t scheduled for the day.

4. Pump Yourself Up

Although this might sound unpleasant but it works seriously. If you are finding it tough to dedicate time to your project, you should start giving yourself a little spirit boosting talk, you should always try to learn what it takes to inspire yourself, and make sure to apply it whenever you require that additional boost to make you work at your best.

5. Stop Multitasking

Multitasking does not get things done correctly. It is just a justification to leave one thing you are having difficulty to work with on something else, even if it is of lower priority. By concentrating 100% on one task then moving after that, you are evading the transition phase your mind must go through to adjust. With 100% focus, you are mind is entirely on one subject and therefore functioning much more professionally.

6. Hammer the Toughest Nail First

Habitually, we like to knock the easy stuff out but this is a wrong approach. If we end up concluding the simple task first, it still gives us a sense of achievement. We end up delaying and when we get to the tough part, the day keeps dragging forward. After a good night sleep it is good to strike the toughest nail first. Get a head start by finishing the complex task first and gradually make a move into easy ones.

7. Allocating Tasks To Staff Members

If you have staff working to assist you, hand over some of your everyday tasks which you can swiftly train someone else to take accountability of. Once you pass on something, just a fast review to make sure it’s completed properly and on time is all that you should need to do. Assigning few of your tasks to your staff members will free up your time for more dedicated work.

8. Break It Up

We all want to get bigger projects, but with bigger projects there are more responsibilities and more work to do. Instead of getting lost and fruitless, try to break up each project in smaller parts, and always finish one project before starting the next. This way your work will be much more organized, and putting the whole thing together at the end will be much easier.

Use these 8 tips to start improving your business productivity and truly become the high performance business that you desire to be.


Veronika Tondon is a business enthusiast. She writes about emerging technologies and opportunities for business. She is working as a Marketing Manager with Invoicera, a leading cloud-based invoicing solution.

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