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Set-Up e-Payment services for your business

The transition from manual and paper-based process to automated payment solutions drives cost reductions and optimize working capital. It may be hard to imagine the world without manual paper checks, but the finance professionals are working to make that happen. The movement towards electronic payments has empowered AP departments to move from an operational role […]

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e-Invoicing: Challenges & Best Practices in Global terms

Globalization led to the expansion of markets and legislative changes around the world. The companies are increasingly interconnected for a secure and reliable communications that allow them to engage in e-Invoicing worldwide. This results to implement mandatory e-Invoicing solutions in almost all regions. Read more: EDICOM: Challenges of International e-Invoicing e-Invoicing solutions enhance fiscal control, […]

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Electronic invoicing in Australia: Recent Update !

Australia’s first end-to-end electronic invoicing experiment performed with the collaboration of Commonwealth Bank, MessageXchange, and Telstra with the leadership from Digital business council. The experiment includes the: – Use of the ISO approved OASIS universal business language (UBL) XML specification for messaging and eBMS 3.0 standard for transport. – Involves the movement of UBL e-invoices […]

E-Invoicing in colombia
e-Invoicing in Colombia

According to the Colombia e-Invoicing Pilot Program, it is expected that majority of the taxpayers will implement e-Invoicing in Colombia by 2018. The e-Invoicing program concluded on social and economic benefits that will boost competitiveness and growth of the economy. Colombia mandates electronic Invoicing The program includes 57 volunteer companies of diverse industries and sizes […]

Recent B2G e-Invoicing Trends in Europe

By November 27, 2018, The EU member states are obliged to implement European e-Invoicing between the public sector and its suppliers. If the journey towards the widespread implementation of B2G e-invoicing trends in Europe, the economic savings are reported to reach up to 2.3 billion Euros throughout the European Union. Here is the list of […]

Electronic Payments and Online Invoicing Security Concerns

More than one-third of financial professionals proved the growing risks of fraud and cyber-attacks. Heading into 2017, corporate treasury and finance professionals cite protecting assets, securing transactions and cybersecurity as top priorities. According to the recent survey of 350 financial professionals have heightened awareness of the growing risks of fraud and cyber attacks. The transition […]

RazorPay launch ‘recurring payments’ for SaaS businesses!

Razorpay, an online payment platform, has announced the launch of its flexible payment solution known as ‘recurring payments’ that opens the market for SaaS businesses. Now, SaaS businesses can accept recurring payments from India and abroad. Here are a few benefits listed for ‘recurring payments” features: – The recurring payment feature auto-debits transactions from customer’s […]

Electronic Invoicing in France: Latest Updates !

The coming year 2017 inches on implementing electronic invoicing in France. The system will be mandatory for large companies, central and regional bodies. Until 2020, the process will incorporate for small and medium sized companies. The thousand of taxpayers will be affected by this system. The taxpayers are confused on how to issue invoices to […]

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Estonia mandates e-invoicing !

The Estonian public sector mandates E-invoicing by January 1st, 2017. Pagero and Omniva join forces on a strategic level to provide an extensive business network in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. One of the largest e-invoice operators in the Baltics is Omniva that holds a leading position in B2B  e-invoicing. The agreement regulates traditional interoperability which means […]

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Saudi Arabia mandates B2B e-invoicing

By 2017, private sector firms of Saudi Arabia mandates to adopt electronic billing in all accounting departments. The mandate is usually enforced by the Department of Zakat and Income Taxes (DZIT) and comes ahead of the introduction of new taxes across the kingdom over the next two years. Saudi Government adopts a new taxation initiative […]