Knowledge Base: 5 facts and myths About PDF invoices

PDF e-Invoices are the easiest way to send free invoice PDF. It requires no integration or IT resources. Sending invoice PDF is getting much more common as it provides the cost-effective way of increasing efficiency in the organization. The online invoicing software like Invoicera helps you to generate invoice PDF.

Here are the list of free invoice PDF facts.

1 Fact: An invoice that is not carried by a paper medium is an electronic invoice

A PDF invoice is not carried by a paper medium and therefore it is an electronic invoice.

Electronic invoicing refers to the process of issuing, transmission, and reception of invoices in a structured electronic format which allows for their automatic and electronic processing.

2 Fact: PDF and email are regarded as primary e-invoicing methods

Statistically free invoice PDF and e-mail have long been regarded as the primary means for e-invoicing throughout most of the business populations across the world.

3 Fact: A PDF is created by a PDF printer

A printer can only generate output if the initial input has an existing structure. A PDF is a visual reference of structured information. Despite its clean, polished appearance, a PDF is built on top of structured data.

Also the most common myths and false beliefs about the system:

1. Myth: PDF invoices flag behind other e-invoicing technologies

Critics of PDF invoicing often argue that free invoice PDF are less advanced than data formats such as UBL 2.0 … this is a myth. As a PDF document is a representation of structured data, it can therefore be used to import structured data.

There are many examples of e-invoicing that offer the ability to import/process PDF invoices directly into financial software. There is a distinct lack of cost-effective, high performance products (especially for SME’s) that can import PDFs directly into accounting software.

2. Myth: There are both digital and electronic invoices

In reality there is a difference between electronic and digital. But this difference has often been misunderstood by many considering an e-invoice solution. Whereas ‘Electronic ‘is a legal term, ‘Digital’ is a manifestation of an electronic invoice.

“The legal term is ‘electronic signature ‘. A manifestation of an electronic signature is a digital signature…. A qualified digital certificate provides an advanced electronic signature: a signature which may be granted a great deal of legal guarantees…”. This distinction was never made with regard to e-invoices, and this is still the case today. In short: a digital invoice is an e-invoice and vice versa.

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The free invoice PDF isn’t getting the recognition it deserves. E-Invoicing can get far more technical, however the simplicity and ease of transition make PDF invoicing an excellent starting point for companies making the change.

INVOICERA: How To Create Invoice PDF?

Invoicera helps you create invoices with utmost ease and send them to clients with equal ease. With online invoicing software, you can also convert your invoices into PDF files and save them to your computer for future use.

PDF Invoice: Quick Guide

Opt for PDF invoices to get:

  • Low Processing costs
  • Automatic format conversions that meet your need
  • Support various invoice formats
  • Includes full line item data
  • Increases Visibility


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