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happy holi
Holi Color- Holi Rang at Invoicera

HOLI popularly known as festivity of colors spreads the brightness of love, joy, and togetherness. The whole Invoicera team cherished the moment playing with colors, tried to paint everyone with colors followed by the round of snacks. It sure was a colorful and cheerful event with music, dance, food and of course colors and water […]

Holi Celebrations @ Invoicera

Holi is marked by festivity and the colors of Joy. Traditional dances and delicacies are an integral part of this joyous occasion. In India, Holi is celebrated in all parts of the country, in a unique style. Holi is known by a variety of names like Laathimar and Rangpanchmi. Holi basically stands for fun, so […]

Invoicera Christmas Offer

Finally it’s Christmas time and everyone is in a festive mood. Invoicera is offering a 35% off on all plans. For all those people who have been waiting to get a paid subscription of Invoicera, here is an opportunity of a lifetime. The discount is valid from 15th Dec 2015 to 5th Jan 2016 on […]

Celebrating 69th independence day with patriotism

Filled with patriotism on the occasion of 69th Independence Day. Celebrating the day with the tri-colors and presenting honour to all who played a part in the fight for Indian Independence.

Happy Easter From Invoicera

Easter is a holiday and festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. The week before Easter is called the Holy week and it contains the days of the Easter triduum, including Maundy Thursday, commemorating the last supper and its preceding foot washing as well as Good Friday, commemorating the crucifixion.

Holi Celebrations At Invoicera

Holi is one of the most awaited festivals of India. Popularly known as the festival of colours,  it is celebrated with colours, water, music and dance.

New Year1
New Year Celebrations at Invoicera

The New Year’s Eve at Invoicera is always special.  We had a gala time this time too. There was music, food accolades and all the that you can expect from the last day of the year.

Christmas Offer
Christmas Offers at Invoicera

Christmas is round the corner and the celebrations at Invoicera have begun. Everyone at Invoicera is looking forward to the Christmas bash . For all the Invoicera customers, there is a special 20%  lifetime discount for all new sign-ups and upgrades.

Thanksgiving Celebrations

Last year’s harvest is this year’s Thanksgiving – that’s the meaning of this popular festival. In the US, the festival is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of every November.

Celebrating Work @ Invoicera

Celebrating and having fun at work is a pretty common phenomenon at Invoicera. Today was one such day filled with unabated excitement. At Invoicera, today was the monthly celebration day and the team went out and partied like anything. There was music, dance food and games to keep all laughing and rolling throughout the day.