Celebrating Work @ Invoicera

Celebrating and having fun at work is a pretty common phenomenon at Invoicera. Today was one such day filled with unabated excitement. At Invoicera, today was the monthly celebration day and the team went out and partied like anything. There was music, dance food and games to keep all laughing and rolling throughout the day.


Celebrating Work @Invoicera


The celebrations began in the morning at a banquet hall in West Delhi where the whole team gathered. The HR Manager, Reshma had organised some games for the team. The first one was a Bollywood quiz where the team got divided into 4 groups. These groups were formed on the basis of the colour each one was wearing. So, all those wearing blue got into one group and all those wearing white in the other and so on.  The groups were asked some really interesting questions related to new and old Bollywood flicks! It was awesome fun. Next was the ad- mad competition, which too ended in a laughter riot for all. The teams were given a product each to create and present a funny advertisement and all of them did a great job in making the audiences go crazy laughing. The third activity was even better.


Celebrating Work@ Invoicera-2


Groups of 4 were given newspapers to clothe one of the members up in paper, in just 10 minutes. This was hilarious too! The last activity was about creating buildings out of straws which was also very interesting indeed. After these amazing activities, the team had a ramp walking session, followed by some sumptuous lunch. After this, it was all music and dance for the rest of the evening


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