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8 Quick Ways to Improve Cash Flow of Your Business

  Effective management of cash flow is important for an organization to smoothen out financial ups and downs. A healthy cash flow helps you to easily forecast finances and have hurdle free business rides. The toxicity in cash flow management can cave paths to derail even a profitable company. Startups and Small businesses have always […]

Top 5 Invoicing Best Practices For Consultants and Contractors

Invoicing appears to be an essential part when working as a consultant or contractor. Automate your business and reduce payment calculations by going paperless and making the use of online invoice software for Consultants and Contractors. Instead of manual conversion opt for web invoicing to make your accounts access from anywhere at any time and […]

Top 10 Business Advantages of Accepting Payments Online

If you have created a website for selling some products or services, then implementing an online payment solution could be a good idea to increase your business prospects. An online payment gateway makes the selling/purchase faster and hassle-free. If you provide your customers with such a facility, they will prefer using your website for purchasing […]

How to create an Estimate?

Estimates are very useful in understanding what the client requirement is and sending him an overview of the kind of budget he needs to have for the product or the service. It helps you in getting cost approvals from the client or getting his views on the same before the final approvals. Estimates are very […]

Project Estimates
How to Create Estimate Costs in 10 Steps| Estimate Management

Project estimation is like predicting the future. Making an accurate project estimate can be a daunting task for project managers. The project estimate is not only affected by known factors like budget, resources, type of project and its scope, but also unknown variables and risks. The project manager faces several challenges while estimating. However, accurate […]

invoice approval workflow
Steps to A Faster Invoice Approval Process

Invoice automation solutions are fast becoming a part of the enterprise across the world, and the AP department is gaining a significant level of competence using such solutions. The automated accounts payable solution can greatly speed up the invoice approval process and can make the payment mechanism more efficient and smooth.

9 Tips to Deal with Overdue invoices

Payments are one of the most crucial aspects of any business. It is the payments that drive any business. Getting clients to pay up on time is one part of the challenge, while the other part being that clients still delay payments.

Collect earlier, Pay less… Top 3 ways to use Online System!

All freelancers and SMB owners normally feel skeptical about the online invoicing for their services. It can be somewhat intricate process for small scale enterprises to send out invoices than focus on the growth of their company. There is a huge possibility of not getting the payment in a timely manner, even if these invoices […]

10 Steps For Optimizing Invoice Processing System – Infographic

How are successful companies assimilating AP cost per transaction, the percentage of invoices received, the cost of invoice processing, the workflows, approval processes, visibility into sending and receiving of invoices, capturing early pay discounts and more? Has invoice processing system enhances the power and effectiveness of automated controls, reduces the workload for IT, increases employee […]

Top 5 More Effective Tips to Get Paid Faster

One of the best ways to improve business cash flow is to work on improving the payment cycle. How to get paid faster? The right payment terms are crucial for getting paid on time.