Faceoff with Invoicera

As we move further in the development stages of Invoicera, we are ecstatic to inform you about the progress that we have made in the past week. To date we have spend countless hours framing the core objectives of the overall product release and working on the micro aspects of each module.

Though there is still a level of sophistication and slight complication in the application, our recent efforts have been directed towards making our online invoicing application as simple as ever for our customers. This would be evident from the below mentioned activities that have been performed lately.


I would like to bring to your notice the most recent developments in Invoicera. To start with, we have included signature option for all e-mail notifications that your clients will receive. So, now you can customize your e-mail signature and give a more personalized touch.
One foremost change that we have brought about is to make DNS title/Subdomain editable. From now on your client will have the option to edit the subdomain which is originally created by you. This has been specifically done due to the fact that many clients prefer to have a subdomain as per their own convenience rather than accepting the way someone else wants them to.

One major bug that was recently reported by one of our user has been fixed. We were reported that the ‘Reminder Mail’ for unpaid invoices was received by the client frequently. We know this can annoy any client and hence has now been taken care of.  Another small modification has been done in the invoices and estimates search pattern. Now you will be able to search invoices and estimates on the basis of their status.

In my next post I will be briefing about the upcoming features that will enhance the usability of the application. So stay tuned and do help us improve our product by posting comments or feedback.


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