How to create an Estimate?

Estimates are very useful in understanding what the client requirement is and sending him an overview of the kind of budget he needs to have for the product or the service. It helps you in getting cost approvals from the client or getting his views on the same before the final approvals. Estimates are very important while you are invoicing clients online.

Here is how you can easily create online estimates and mail them to your clients.

Go to the Estimate Management Section: Login to your Invoicera account and go to the ‘Estimate’ drop-down option on the ‘Billing’ tab.


Creating an Estimate 1_


Go to Create an Estimate: In the ‘Estimate Management’ section click on the option shown below to start creating a new estimate.


Creating an Estimate 2_


Create an Estimate To create an estimate you need to fill in some details:

a. Select a client

b. Add an appropriate estimate title

c. Add the estimate number

d.  Select the product/service

e.  Schedule the estimate for a particular date (This is optional)

f. Choose a template for your estimate

g. Mention the Terms and Conditions (You can choose to make them invisible to the client)

Once you have filled in all the details you can send the estimate directly to the client or save it as a draft.


Creating an Estimate 3_


Creating an Estimate 4_


Adding a mail attachment:

You can add a mail attachment to your estimate in the following manner:

h. Send an invoice for the estimate

i. Print the invoice

j. Export as a PDF

k. Add a mail attachment


Creating an Estimate 5_


Other Features: You can further use the following features after you have created and saved an estimate

k. The default client e-mail address shows

l. You can add an appropriate message

Choose you file and click on send. You can also edit the default e-mail address if required.



Creating an Estimate 7_



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