Invoicera – Behind the Scenes

Well by this time you must be complaining about me writing preachy posts. But believe me, this is no different. Ok! Might be less preachy, but I would like you to know how we are managing to sail our ship towards a wider horizon and would love to have you on board with us.

In the past three months we have gone through some significant changes that required desired attention. We have restructured our team, streamlined processes that required too much administration effort, and focused on developing ‘out of the box thinking’ to provide an impetus to our marketing and PR efforts. Needless to say, all this was done in pursuit of delivering a quality product.

We are committed to producing a product that is world-class and helps every business and professional make a difference. Of course, this endeavour is meaningless without constant evolution. Though we have not revolutionized the ‘Online Invoicing’ concept (I believe sending invoices online is in itself a revolutionary concept) but our constant upgrades, improvements and innovations simply add value to our application.

To confront you with our latest round of updates and weekly activities, I would like to bring to your notice the following changes. Sure, these are very minor modifications but as I mentioned it is these nitty-gritty that add value and make a difference.

  • Customize e-mail content – From now on you will be able to send notification e-mails with your own content and message.
  • Import address book – You will have the option to upload your contact list which was not possible earlier.
  • User Interface – We are working hard to improve the interface and make it more user friendly (might take some time so I request you all to just hold on a little longer)
  • Steps manual to be included – A brief manual will be included to familiarize all the users of the basic steps that need to be implemented.

If there is anything you would want us to integrate/change in the application, then do leave your feedback on the bottom right of the website.


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