Invoicera Continues to Raise the Bar

Earlier this year when Invoicera was first launched, we all were skeptical about it being a successful venture. Amid all the stiff competition that existed in the sphere of online invoicing and billing, we knew it would be difficult to make a mark. The proposition was probable but not impossible. Though the road ahead was going to be tough, the journey still needed to be kick-started. We took the first step by launching the beta version of ‘Invoicera 7.0’. A Sedate response is all we had expected. But we were proved wrong and ironically our web application had received an overwhelming response.

Even more encouraging was all our users pouring in their feedback and suggestions. This was the pillar of strength as it laid the firm foundation for our online invoicing application to flourish. The platform was set and we were heading towards the right roadmap. Since Invoicera’s inception in January, we can now boast of some achievements to our credential. There is no looking back and we have decided to take the long road ahead.

That’s right folks, the new Invoicera will be made available from next month for all to see, use, break(!) and enjoy. This will be available with a completely new design, color scheme, interface and more importantly features. You can be rest assured of an application that would look rich, elegant, simple and powerful. The new release will be incredibly robust, scalable and reliable of not just taking our application to the next level but online billing as a whole.

But I want to still shout out and say thanks for all your support.

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