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My last few posts might have given you a fair bit of indication that we are really working hard on our product.  We have been up and running tirelessly day in and day out to deliver what we had promised. This is not one of my usual posts where I will be familiarizing you with the latest developments and updates from Invoicera. This is something bigger, better and motivational.

It is my privilege to announce that Invoicera has 5000 registered users to date. This achievement becomes a landmark considering the fact that it has been achieved in just over two months. The magnitude of success will be under-achieved without mentioning the contribution of our users. They have been the real pillars of strength for us and have only added value by reporting issues that required attention. Their suggestions and feedback are most valuable in achieving this milestone.

I would also like to apprise all our readers and users that we have worked meticulously in preparing the pricing package and each package will add value to your business proposition. A complete list of packages and their pricing will be soon available on our website. This is not it, Invoicera’s basic package will start from as low as $1 (free package will continue as well!)

It is said that all good things come in small packages and I believe this is a welcome news for all our existing as well as potential users. I hope these proclamations will give as much sense of delight and pleasure to you as it has given to us.


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