Invoicera is Now Listed On Google Application Marketplace

In an all important and exhilarating development we would like to share some very exciting news with our users. Invoicera has now been listed by Google on Google Application Marketplace and can be accessed by all those you are registered with Google Apps. More information on this announcement can be viewed on Invoicera for Google Apps.

The news is of greater significance as this is the first ever integration at Invoicera. Starting today, All Google Apps users will be able to add our online invoicing and billing application i.e. Invoicera into Google Apps.

If you are the domain admin for Google Apps, you’ll now have an option to add Invoicera to your domain through Google Apps Marketplace. Once the domain admin adds Invoicera application to their domain, all users within the domain will have access to Invoicera through Google universal navigation.

Selecting the application in Google universal navigation opens Invoicera in a new browser tab. When you access the application for the first time, you are directly taken to the dashboard inside the application. You are not required to sign-up separately for your Invoicera account. This is the single sign-on process where your Google Apps details are used to create your Invoicera account as well.

With this integration Invoicera credentials have indeed become impressive and we also welcome all the users of Google Apps to try our contemporary online invoicing and billing application. Google Apps is a great platform for millions of users to search for top of the line web applications and we are honoured to be a part of it.


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