Invoicera Progressively Moving Forward With the Latest Changes

This week we continue with our series of development updates and enhancements to carry on with our responsibility of constantly improving the application and add all of the goodies that we (and our customers) have wanted.

Easier said than done though, it takes years of customer feedback and an assiduous team to build a strong product and then continue to make it stronger. And even the smallest of change has repercussions, happy accidents, opportunities and a better product. We are lucky to be blessed with such a strong base of customers who are always so supportive and keep us flooded with feedback and suggestions.

So, here is the list of changes that we would be making live this week to make sure our users’ requirements are fulfilled.

1) Option to enter the invoice/estimate number at the time of creating the invoice/estimate would be made available. This would make sure that you are not required to go to the settings time and again to edit the invoice number

2) Client business email would no longer be mandatory for adding a new client. A new client can be added even without the business email. This has been specifically done on request and also taking into the consideration the fact that some business models do not require to send out invoices

3) Last but certainly not the least, while converting expenses to invoices, expense category name would display on the invoice. At the moment only the term ‘Expense’ is used on invoices without mentioning its respective category.

These changes are currently in the testing phase and we look to make them available within this week itself. That’s all for now, and thanks again for all your support.


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