Living life in a Venti Cup

That’s right folks life is too short to think small and at invoicera we have some big plans for the future. I know the development team would screw me for saying this, but I can always get away by saying this will keep their job safe. But believe me we have got the best set of software developers at Invoicera. All I can say is we are proud to have them with us (or should I say lucky!). They have been thinking out of the box to build a novel online invoicing application.

This week has been really busy for the entire Invoicera Team. The reason is quite obvious, we just released our new website and application, and therefore we had to work on how to improve it further. It was fantastic to hear from our customer base about how much they liked the new design, the feature set and of course the application flow.

We have already made some minor changes in the application based on user feedback and will be constantly doing it. We are also working hard to improve our sign up process and giving the login page a makeover. The sign up process will be made extremely simple and would take less than a minute to complete the form (Yes! It will be this simple).

The feature set that we have planned for the users of Invoicera is surely going to surprise them. They would make this application more powerful, robust and enjoyable to use, though maintaining the highest degree of simplicity. While you are using Invoicera, be rest assured of using an application that is most reliable and safe.

Think invoicing, think Invoicera!


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