Revive Your Invoicing With the Introduction of Basecamp-Invoicera Integration

This post is of enormous significance as it announces the arrival of the very first integration done at Invoicera. And today we are pleased to announce our integration with 37signals’ Basecamp project management service. Basecamp is one of the finest web based project management tool and it is an amazing service for anyone who wants to do project management with your clients and team.

It is a real haul to enter same identical entries such as client information, project name, projects task(s), etc. in multiple web based applications. In fact the whole exercise of manually adding identical records at various business applications is redundant and superfluous. Not to mention the frustration that creeps in.

But after the integration with Basecamp it is now super-easy to import client details such as addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses directly from Basecamp to your Invoicera account for instant invoicing. Apart from importing clients you can also import your Basecamp projects and staff members.

Now you can quickly import clients, projects and staff from Basecamp and instantly create an invoice for the respective client and project. Everything right from importing details and sending invoice can be carried out using a single account and we believe invoicing your Basecamp clients couldn’t be easier.

And, therefore, integration with Basecamp creates the ultimate one-two punch: Get your job done—and get paid.

That’s about it for the moment. Since this is our first ever integration we would love to hear from all about how the integration is working for you and how advantageous it has been. From our end we can promise this is our first big step towards many such useful third party integrations. And we would be further enhancing our Basecamp integration for wider usage.


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