Sneak Peak at Invoicera 7.0 Latest Developments

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  • Mar 12, 2009
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We have been busy beavers working assiduously on improving and upgrading Invoicera 7.0. And I can tell you, the development is heading in the right direction and the results will be soon visible (rather they have already started to show). To have a roadmap laid down did give us a sense of direction, and I am glad we are striking out our activities with the desired pace.

Vindicating a statement is always desirable and I will begin by stating that this week around we will be concentrating on bug fixing, which is of course a daily mandate. Apart from this, we are working on incorporating some of the important features like time tracking, expense tracking, multiple currency support and enhanced application interface & design. Working on these aspects would mean that we are on track, providing you with the quickest, cleanest and most intuitive online invoicing and billing application.


Of lately, some of the activities performed by our team of developers include website optimization to increase the speed of the application, inclusion of importing products and services list from the system (earlier you could to do it manually only), enhancement in the invoice template and reports format- presentation of both invoices and reports now looks clean. Some of the new currencies have also been added like South African Rand and Czech Koruna. This week’s module would also include removing redundancies that exist in the application.

We aim to rise above our own benchmark standards and march confidently with Invoicera flag high, as we know the finish line is far from near.


Veronika Tondon is a business enthusiast with extensive experience in Invoicing & Payment Process. She has 6+ years of experience in Invoicera, the leading cloud-based invoicing solution as Invoicing Consultant. Sound knowledge in business process execution, offers end to end solutions for complete automation of business processes and AR/AP processes.
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