Some Exciting News for Our Indian Users

While the Internet is a global phenomenon that connects different people in different countries, we decided to take a step forward and connect with our existing and potential users geographically. We have now created pages with content specifically tailored to the user on the basis of their geographical location (In this case India).

Therefore, from this moment onwards our users from India would be able to view the pricing in Indian Rupee (INR). They would also be able to make payments in INR through Moneybookers payment gateway. This has been specifically done to increase visitor satisfaction and to enhance user interface.

With this new enhancement we look to be equally interactive with visitors who wish to use currency other than USD, or who live outside countries with the largest Internet user bases, like USA, UK, Australia and so on. But with some of the largest growing economies like India using Internet more than ever before, ignoring specific user requirements is no longer a smart decision.

Its time to get smart and by being aware of users from different nationalities who speak different languages or use different currencies, we have attempted to create a truly global application displaying information tailored specifically for them without altering its behaviour for other visitors.

Off lately, we have been on feature adding spree that eliminates any limitations associated with International invoicing.  And we believe this update would be particularly useful for our Indian customers.

As always we welcome your suggestions and feedback for this update.


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