The New ‘Reports Back-up’ Feature straight out from our IT Lab!

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  • Mar 5, 2009
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After having learned from Wikipedia that 66% Internet users have suffered from data loss, the idea of including ‘Reports Back-up’ came home to us. An Invoicing application without this feature sounded too imperfect, and then we took our equipment and worked on a new feature in our IT lab!

Screen 1

screen 2

You will be happily surprised to know that now no accidental or technical loss can prove to be irretrievable. Be it the client’s who are prime on your invoicing lists, detailed payment tracking or invoices sent and received – get all the reports on your desktop!

Screen 3

Though we already offer data back up feature, the purpose of ‘Reports Back-up’ feature is completely different. It doesn’t only allow you to view the reports (that then wouldn’t have been a promising enhancement) but also lets you share the reports with your accountants, book-keepers, clients and users by exporting them in the Excel sheet! So next time when you want to measure your financial statistics, you can get the detailed figures instantaneously. The reports section will give you a Birdseye view of those clients from whom maximum payment has been received, which product or service has generated maximum revenue for your organization, etc.

We believe that after integrating this feature, our product has become more viable plus safe & secure. Just save the reports (generated in Excel sheets) and say goodbye to data loss worries forever. It’s your payment tracking application, and you need to be diligent about all its related activities. So with our newly-incorporated ‘Reports Back-up’ feature, say ‘Adieu unforeseen loss!’

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